Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Contact Lenses

Yesterday, I marched into my Optometrist's office with the hope of switching from Glasses to Contact Lenses! I went through my eye exam, and then my Optometrist recommended a few different brands of contacts for me to try. I picked the cheapest pair, which also happened to be the pair that was the most heavily recommended to me. I then spent over an hour doing the "training" with my contacts to learn how to take them out and put them back in again. Let me tell you! Contacts are hard to put in and take out!

According to the lady teaching me, I have deep-set, almond shaped eyes, which makes contacts extremely hard to pull off because there's such a small amount of space for the contacts to go. After I got my contacts in for the second time, my eyes were bloodshot and they burned really badly! I left them in after that because I was sure that if I kept touching my eyes they would swell up.

After I had them in for a few hours, my eyes felt better and I felt really comfortable in my contacts! I went about my day, and it was really great!!

When it as time to take them out, I was sure that I'd be able to do it. However, the more time went by the more panicked I felt about not being able to take them out. After an hour of trying to take them out, and crying, and panicking, I got ONE of the lenses out. I then said "Screw it! I'm leaving in the other one! I'll just go blind!" but I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that I still had that one contact in my eye. After another half an hour, I got the last one out.

Bleh... This morning, when I went to put in my contacts, it took me about an hour of trying before I gave up and put my glasses back on.

Are there any tricks to putting in and taking out contacts that I don't know about?? If so, please tell me what they are!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Done with Winter!

I vote we protest Winter! Who's with me!?

Now that Christmas has passed, and the New Year has begun the snow and the cold have lost their appeal. The snow looks gray from all the tires and shoes that keep smashing it down and spreading it around. I'm ready for the warmth of Spring to loosen up all the ice!

It's been overcast and foggy for days now in the city where I live. When the sun peeked out through a hole in the clouds for a few minutes, I quickly snapped a picture. Hopefully I'll be able to remember what the sun looks like! It seems as though a lot of the people here have already forgotten!

Can you tell where the sun is in that picture?? 

I went for a walk in the park last Friday, and it was really beautiful there because so much of the snow was untouched. I almost wished that it would snow again so that everything would look like this park did! Then I remembered what it would mean if there was more snow.... More Winter *shudders* Scary, right??

All of the ponds in the park had large rocks on them where people had tried to brake through the ice. I guess I'm not the only one trying to rush into Spring!

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