Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hovering Too Close

Once, when I was a little bit younger than I am now, one of my brother's was leaning over my shoulder while I was working on something, and I whacked him and said that he was hovering too close to me. My mom, who was sitting fairly close by, starting laughing because the definition of hovering is to be standing or observing someone from an uncomfortably close position. So it's technically impossible to hover too close to someone! In my family, that's a joke now. We'll stand really close to each other so we can say "Stop hovering too close to me!"

When it comes to this blog, I feel as though I've been hovering way to close! I check almost every day how many people have looked at it, and if I have any comments. I get really excited seeing that 2 or 3 people have seen it! Which I think is kind of funny because most bloggers and youtubers and everyone are usually excited when they get a few thousand or million people paying attention to what they have to say!

If you ever want to say anything or have an idea of what you want me to post, go ahead and comment! I promise, I'll for sure see it! Hahaha

I hope you have a great day!
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