Friday, April 17, 2015

Free Write Friday #1

So here's how this is going to work. I'm going to post a prompt outlined in black, and below it I'm going to put what I've come up with related to the prompt. If you want, you can write your own story or poem or song related to the prompt in the comments below.

What can happen in a second?

This morning, I slept in and missed my first class. I rushed to get ready, and ended up leaving home without my textbooks that I needed. After getting through two of my classes, I stopped in the cafeteria for something to eat and saw my slightly distorted reflection in the plastic above the buffet of food I'd chosen. I looked absolutely horrible. My hair was a mess and my skin looked red and shiny because I hadn't put on any makeup. After I finished getting my food, I went back outside and sat under a tree where I was mostly out of sight from where my fellow students were walking.

When I stood up and went to throw away the wrappers and leftovers from my meal and bumped into someone that I'd never seen before. After apologizing profusely and trying to keep my head down so that my appearance wouldn't be as noticeable. To my surprise, the only thing this stranger said was "I really like your outfit! It looks good on you."

Just like that, my whole mood changed. Yeah, my outfit was really cute! In just a second, my bad day changed into a good one.

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