Sunday, May 31, 2015


Graduation was surprisingly nerve-wracking! They lined all of us up in a gym that was ridiculously hot, and we all kind of... Jumped around with nervous energy. Don't get me wrong! We were all crazy excited! The excitement was just combined with an equal amount of nervousness.

When they called up my row, I went to wait in line by the stage for them to read off my name. When I walked up there I was so focused!

"...walk walk walk... Okay, shake hands with my right hand, hold diploma with my left hand, pause for photo... walk walk walk..."

Afterwards, several people told me that they'd screamed my name! However, in my focused state, I didn't hear anything! I didn't hear any screams or cheers or anything! Weird, right!? Some of my friends said that they had the same experience, which I thought was a kind of awesome coincidence.

I wore a pair of heels that I've owned since I was in 7th grade, so by the end of the ceremony my feet hurt really badly! I still posed for photos with my friends and family, though! My outfit was perfect, despite it not being brand new (Pink and white striped dress from Downeast Basics, heels from Apostrophe). My makeup was indeed on point like I had hoped! Hooray for my friend helping me!

The school organized an All-Night Party that took place an hour after the Graduation Ceremony ended. I think that it was an attempt at keeping a majority of the student body from making poor decisions. About two and a half hours into the party, I felt like I had done everything there, so I got really bored and my tiredness set in. I'm more of a "In Bed by 10:00" kind of person, not a "Stay Up All Night" kind of person. However, knowing that we'd be able to do a majority of the activities in that frame of time, they arranged for a Hypnotist to come! He was really amazing!

The Hypnotist was there for about an hour and a half. He made people think that they were Transformers, but instead of transforming into cars, they turned into common household objects! One girl transformed into a microwave, another turned into a teapot, and someone turned into a ball! But they all had the movements and voices of robots! He hypnotized on of the guys into thinking that he'd had a baby! It was a spectacular show!

When it eventually ended, my friends and I went and played one last game of laser-tag before heading home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! No joke! I was so exhausted, I didn't wake back up until late in the afternoon the next day (Saturday).

All in all, I feel exactly the same! Hahaha I guess you expect to feel different, and people ask you if you do, but you just feel normal. Like you're trucking along, and all is well.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Free Write Friday #7

Put your Ipod, or other music device, on random shuffle. Write down the lyric of the first song that comes on, and use it as an opening line.

I'm waking up,
Gaining confidence.
I'm speeding up,
Gaining momentum.
I'm not planning ahead,
accepting every moment as it comes.
I'm building up,
becoming stronger than ever.
I'm crashing,
breaking down the walls,
the walls that tried to hold me back.

 First Line: Brand New Day by Fireflight

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Graduating Tomorrow

As you can probably guess by the title of this post, I'm going to be talking about my graduation! Tomorrow, in front of everyone, I am going to be "walking the line" and receiving my High School Diploma. How exciting!

Despite the excitement of finally leaving high school, I feel as though I'm going to be the only girl at graduation that doesn't have a completely new outfit, complete with new shoes, to wear under the crinkly trash bags that we're all required to wear. I know that's most likely not true, because not everyone wants or can afford a new outfit just for graduation.

However, I was able to go with my friends while they shopped for their dresses and shoes, which was most definitely the best part! We tried on a lot of dresses, and looked in a lot of stores! They ended finding the dresses that were exactly perfect for them! And, of course, we tried on several dresses that we thought were really ugly just for fun!

One of my friends is really skilled when it comes to makeup, so she helped me pick out a few things to help me get the perfect look for Graduation so that I'll look gorgeous in the pictures! If my makeup in on point, then who cares whether or not my outfit is new?

Today, being the day before, means that, as par usual, I have to get a massive pimple in a really obvious place on my face. Which I have. A big whopper, right on my upper lip! Urgh! So, because I am your average teenage girl, I looked up videos on how to get rid of pimples overnight on YouTube. We'll see if it works or not.... Because I don't trust YouTube remedies as much as I probably should, I've also invested in a heavy-duty, full coverage concealer! Hooray for makeup!

Tonight, in preparation for this upcoming event, I'm going to take a bath with a Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush while watching BeckieO and Meghan Rienks videos! Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Write Friday #6

(Continuing from last Friday's prompt) Add "She is Lying. This is what she wants most in the world."

Actually? She's lying. This is what she wants most in the world. She wants to accepted into a group of friends. She wants to have a place to sit at lunch every day, and people to talk about boys with. Her deepest desire was to belong somewhere. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Free Write Friday #5

Start a story with: "This is what she wants most in the world."

This is what she wants most in the world. A shiny, new car. Preferably a convertible. Preferably blue. However, she lacked the money necessary to purchase such a car. Sitting in class, staring out the window, she pictured herself coming down the street in front of the school in her new wheels, revving her engine loud enough to wake all the sleepy learners inside the building, and maybe even pull a few out the doors. She wanted to feel the wind whipping her hair around while the radio played her favorite songs to the people she passed by.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Free Write Friday #4

Create a poem, short story, or journal entry about a conversation you've overheard.

A group of friends followed me as I entered the Gym.
"I hear it's Fruit Bat season again"
Fruit Bats have a specific season?
"Yeah, so they're gonna start biting chickens and cows pretty soon"
Hmm... And here I thought they ate fruit

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cold Leaps

It's been warming up a lot recently, so people have been opening up their pools for the season! One of my friend's grandparents own a pool, which we make good use of all summer!

The other day, we went over in the middle of the night to swim, and to open up the pool for the first time this season. We opened up the cover, and there was a gross layer of bugs and decaying plants resting on the top. we cleared it off as best as we could, and prepared to run and jump into the freezing water together.

The water was, I believe, about 63 or 65 degrees fahrenheit, which basically meant that it was freezing cold. My friends and I lined up along the edge of the deep end of the pool, held hands, and (after much coaxing) ran and jumped into the icy water. We all got several bugs that we'd missed stuck in our hair and against our skin, but that didn't stop us from repeatedly jumping off the diving board and swimming around together.

To make jumping off the diving board more fun, because none of us knew how to do flips, we would decide on a theme and then have to do something involving that when jumping off! We were butterflies, ninjas, Peter Pan, pirates... We had some creative ideas! The more we jumped, the colder we got, so after about half an hour we couldn't stand it anymore and headed back home to wash off all the bugs and watch movies.

The Blooms are Back!!

The blooms have started to come back! Or reopen.. Or whatever it is that they do! I thought that the windstorm we had would have kept them away much longer. 

These are the blossoms off of the Peach Tree in my backyard

These are two of the Tulips in my front yard (ignore the rake in the background)

These are the leaves off of something that's in my yard... I'm not entirely sure what it's called, but the leaves look really beautiful

I'm also not sure what this plant is called... I think it's a Rhododendron? Maybe?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Write Friday #3

A Beginner's Guide to Being Noticed

  • Wear clothes that you feel confident in. (Look good, feel good, do good.)
  • Say Hi to people!! This can be either really hard or really easy - depending on the person. Chances are, if you say Hi to someone, that person could spark up a conversation, and then you've got a new friend! Even if they don't spark up a conversation, people are at least going to know who you are because you said Hi.
  • LAUGH OFTEN!! Everyone has a laugh that's unique to them, and it sends off the message that you're a fun loving person. Think back... When you heard someone laugh, what was the first think you thought about them?
  • Compliment others on what they might be wearing, or their appearance. I know for a fact that if someone complimented me on my eyebrows, or on my purse, that I would remember them as an awesome person. I'd also notice them more because I'd recognize them.

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