Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cold Leaps

It's been warming up a lot recently, so people have been opening up their pools for the season! One of my friend's grandparents own a pool, which we make good use of all summer!

The other day, we went over in the middle of the night to swim, and to open up the pool for the first time this season. We opened up the cover, and there was a gross layer of bugs and decaying plants resting on the top. we cleared it off as best as we could, and prepared to run and jump into the freezing water together.

The water was, I believe, about 63 or 65 degrees fahrenheit, which basically meant that it was freezing cold. My friends and I lined up along the edge of the deep end of the pool, held hands, and (after much coaxing) ran and jumped into the icy water. We all got several bugs that we'd missed stuck in our hair and against our skin, but that didn't stop us from repeatedly jumping off the diving board and swimming around together.

To make jumping off the diving board more fun, because none of us knew how to do flips, we would decide on a theme and then have to do something involving that when jumping off! We were butterflies, ninjas, Peter Pan, pirates... We had some creative ideas! The more we jumped, the colder we got, so after about half an hour we couldn't stand it anymore and headed back home to wash off all the bugs and watch movies.

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