Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Write Friday #3

A Beginner's Guide to Being Noticed

  • Wear clothes that you feel confident in. (Look good, feel good, do good.)
  • Say Hi to people!! This can be either really hard or really easy - depending on the person. Chances are, if you say Hi to someone, that person could spark up a conversation, and then you've got a new friend! Even if they don't spark up a conversation, people are at least going to know who you are because you said Hi.
  • LAUGH OFTEN!! Everyone has a laugh that's unique to them, and it sends off the message that you're a fun loving person. Think back... When you heard someone laugh, what was the first think you thought about them?
  • Compliment others on what they might be wearing, or their appearance. I know for a fact that if someone complimented me on my eyebrows, or on my purse, that I would remember them as an awesome person. I'd also notice them more because I'd recognize them.

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