Thursday, May 28, 2015

Graduating Tomorrow

As you can probably guess by the title of this post, I'm going to be talking about my graduation! Tomorrow, in front of everyone, I am going to be "walking the line" and receiving my High School Diploma. How exciting!

Despite the excitement of finally leaving high school, I feel as though I'm going to be the only girl at graduation that doesn't have a completely new outfit, complete with new shoes, to wear under the crinkly trash bags that we're all required to wear. I know that's most likely not true, because not everyone wants or can afford a new outfit just for graduation.

However, I was able to go with my friends while they shopped for their dresses and shoes, which was most definitely the best part! We tried on a lot of dresses, and looked in a lot of stores! They ended finding the dresses that were exactly perfect for them! And, of course, we tried on several dresses that we thought were really ugly just for fun!

One of my friends is really skilled when it comes to makeup, so she helped me pick out a few things to help me get the perfect look for Graduation so that I'll look gorgeous in the pictures! If my makeup in on point, then who cares whether or not my outfit is new?

Today, being the day before, means that, as par usual, I have to get a massive pimple in a really obvious place on my face. Which I have. A big whopper, right on my upper lip! Urgh! So, because I am your average teenage girl, I looked up videos on how to get rid of pimples overnight on YouTube. We'll see if it works or not.... Because I don't trust YouTube remedies as much as I probably should, I've also invested in a heavy-duty, full coverage concealer! Hooray for makeup!

Tonight, in preparation for this upcoming event, I'm going to take a bath with a Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush while watching BeckieO and Meghan Rienks videos! Wish me luck tomorrow!!

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