Sunday, May 31, 2015


Graduation was surprisingly nerve-wracking! They lined all of us up in a gym that was ridiculously hot, and we all kind of... Jumped around with nervous energy. Don't get me wrong! We were all crazy excited! The excitement was just combined with an equal amount of nervousness.

When they called up my row, I went to wait in line by the stage for them to read off my name. When I walked up there I was so focused!

"...walk walk walk... Okay, shake hands with my right hand, hold diploma with my left hand, pause for photo... walk walk walk..."

Afterwards, several people told me that they'd screamed my name! However, in my focused state, I didn't hear anything! I didn't hear any screams or cheers or anything! Weird, right!? Some of my friends said that they had the same experience, which I thought was a kind of awesome coincidence.

I wore a pair of heels that I've owned since I was in 7th grade, so by the end of the ceremony my feet hurt really badly! I still posed for photos with my friends and family, though! My outfit was perfect, despite it not being brand new (Pink and white striped dress from Downeast Basics, heels from Apostrophe). My makeup was indeed on point like I had hoped! Hooray for my friend helping me!

The school organized an All-Night Party that took place an hour after the Graduation Ceremony ended. I think that it was an attempt at keeping a majority of the student body from making poor decisions. About two and a half hours into the party, I felt like I had done everything there, so I got really bored and my tiredness set in. I'm more of a "In Bed by 10:00" kind of person, not a "Stay Up All Night" kind of person. However, knowing that we'd be able to do a majority of the activities in that frame of time, they arranged for a Hypnotist to come! He was really amazing!

The Hypnotist was there for about an hour and a half. He made people think that they were Transformers, but instead of transforming into cars, they turned into common household objects! One girl transformed into a microwave, another turned into a teapot, and someone turned into a ball! But they all had the movements and voices of robots! He hypnotized on of the guys into thinking that he'd had a baby! It was a spectacular show!

When it eventually ended, my friends and I went and played one last game of laser-tag before heading home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! No joke! I was so exhausted, I didn't wake back up until late in the afternoon the next day (Saturday).

All in all, I feel exactly the same! Hahaha I guess you expect to feel different, and people ask you if you do, but you just feel normal. Like you're trucking along, and all is well.

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