Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Recently, the Butterfly House in my local zoo opened up for the summer season! At the beginning of the day, I was in an awful mood, and all I wanted to do was be by myself. In my little world, everything would go wrong if I tried to interact with others or have a good time. However, I decided that, regardless of my emotions, the Zoo is always a good idea.

In the Butterfly House, they kept landing on me and my purse! (Seek Peek at the back of my head and my shoulder... Scandalous!!)


I felt like a Disney Princess! The best way to feel better is to feel like a Disney Princess. Who knows; maybe if I started singing they would have carried me home and cleaned my room for me! (More butterflies landed on me than the ones in the photos... Those are just the only photos without my face in them)

There were so many different kinds all over the place! They were all so beautiful!

Now, because I've been a volunteer and an intern at this Zoo for quite some time, I knew where to look for the well hidden butterflies that always seem to make people the happiest. Can you spot this butterfly?

To lift my spirits even further, one of the hardest to find butterflies in the entire place decided to make an appearance. I'd only seen this butterfly one or two times after its recent emergence from its chrysalis before it was officially put on display. BEHOLD!!! A Glasswing Butterfly!!

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