Friday, June 19, 2015

Free Write Friday #10

Flash Back Friday
I thought that it would be fun if we all posted something that we wrote a while ago and hadn't looked at recently.

I wrote this for a creative writing class I took a few years ago! For one of the units, we had to write everything the exact opposite of how we would normally write. (Did that make sense?)

I got a good grade on this, but my teacher said that I used too much imagery... Let me know what you think!

A surging sense of horror erupted in my chest and shot pulses of panic throughout my body. My ratty converse squelched through the cavernous lining of oil that coated the damaged wooden floorboards as I plunged towards an exit. Sections of chocked laughter coasted towards me and echoed through the hanging pipes and chains. My breathing was labored and it broke into diminutive gasps as the gasoline fumes flew up and attacked my lungs. The leering shadows spreading onto the vile liquid mocked my senses and scammed my brain into believing that an army of villains had surrounded me.
My body trembled violently, and my shaking hands continually flipped up to stroke sweaty locks of hair away from my face. My quaking knees began to buckle underneath me, and I had to clasp onto a loose chain to keep from toppling over.
“You can’t hide. You don’t have anyone to run to.” yelled my kidnapper in an uninterested tone, “No one would want to keep you anyways; you’re dreadfully annoying.” I could hear his massive boots sloshing through the oil after me. Panic flooded my movements, and I sluggishly limped into a jog. Then, the heart-wrenching of a flame being erected on the rim of a lighter hacked through all the other eerie clatters.
I heard the explosion before I saw it.
The lighter slithered to the ground and seared through the oil. Flames were injected into the atmosphere; their thriving strands leaned towards me. My hand seized a second chain, and before I had time to think, my aching muscles were hauling me off of the floorboards. My fingers curled through the massive loops of the chains, creating immense screeches of clashing metal that ricocheted off of the vacant walls as my weight wrenched them around.
I could feel the powerful flames through the soles of my skeletal shoes. Pillars of orange and red leaped up and seared my jeans as they stretched to liquefy the plastic on my belt. I screeched in pain as the flames managed to stab through and singe the bottoms of my feet. I could feel bottomless blisters rising out of my skin and boiling in the heat.
Sweat poured down my scalp and coursed over my raw flesh. The inferno seemed to develop in volume and temperature. Its thin arms reached towards my face, and encrusted my arms in chasmal layers of burns. Deafening screeches developed in my chest and pulsed out of my bleeding lips while waves of smoke blurred my vision. My legs were numb, and I couldn't tell whither my feet were still attached to my body.
My fingers were slipping out of the chains, and I had to grasp the rings tighter to remain in the air. Thoughts flipped through my mind and assaulted my remaining senses. My lungs struggled for air as the smoke continued to rise with the flames. The burns on my arms peeled leaving untreated skin to be scorched. I could feel my already drained muscles weakening, and my grip on the chains loosened once more. This time, I let go. My body plummeted into the smiling flames. I released one last blood-curdling howl before I smacked into the ashen floor and my eyes faded into a comforting black.

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