Friday, June 5, 2015

Hunting For a Job

Over the last several months, I've applied and applied, over and over, for every single job that's popped up in my area. I've now realized that, regardless of how awesome my resume and reference letters are, I'm still going to be extremely horrible at job interviews.

When I start prepping for an interview, I feel an increasing weight on my chest. The faster I get ready, the faster the weight grows. By the time I'm in the actual interview, the largeness of it makes it hard for me to focus, and to seem happy and cheerful. In addition to that, my hands/fingers always cramp up, making it almost impossible for me to bend my fingers! When I'm nervous, I tend to talk with my hands more intensely.... Nothing says "Hire Me!" like waving your cramped fingers through the air like a rabid monkey while you're unfocused and unsmiling.

The more I apply for jobs, the more I think about the interviews, the more I want to stop applying for jobs to avoid the interviews.

I wish that, at some point, I'll walk in for an interview, and afterwards they'll think:

"Yeah, that was awful... But let's give her a go anyway! See how she does when she isn't nervous/scared out of her wits."

That would be the best day ever! Don't you think?

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