Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Memories

One of my earliest memories of the summer was in the first house that my family lived in when I was a toddler. We had a gate in the back fence that connected our yard to our backside neighbor's yard, and they had a massive play area that was all sand. They'd let their hose run, turning all of the sand into mud in their backyard, and they invited my brother's and I over! I was wearing Osh-Kosh Overalls, which meant that I was ready to wade around in the mud! I'm sure my parents had no idea that that's what we had planned, but instead of telling us to stop when they found out, my mom just took photos! Little me was waist deep in mud! It seemed like a huge pool to me at the time, but looking back it probably wasn't really big. I was a small child.

Another summer, my brother's and I were really excited to pull out our little "swimming pool" (it was a plastic splash pool, really meant for babies and small children) because we'd had so much fun with it the year before! My mom got it out and filled it with water while we got on our swimming suits! (I also put on a little hat and pink sunglasses because I was cute). However, when we went outside, we realized that we'd grown too much over the winter to be able to fit anything other than our feet into the little pool. There wasn't even enough room for us to sit! Eventually, we just turned on the sprinklers so that we wouldn't have put our swimming suits on for nothing.

What are some of your favorite summer memories?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How To Have A Summer "Stay-Cation"

Now that we're into the heat of the Summer when most people go on vacation, I know better than anyone that it's not possible to travel as often as we'd all like, or to go as far as we'd like. But, sometimes, you don't need to travel and pay a lot of money to go on vacation! Why not stay at home for your Summer Vacation? Why not have a ....*pause for effect*...... STAY-CATION!!!

In order to have a Stay-Cation, you have to stay at home. This is where all the fun is going to happen! There are lots of different types of Stay-Cations, so you can fill a whole summer with different ones! It's mostly just up to you and your imagination! (Which sounds really cheesy, I know, but it's entirely true.)


This is, personally, my favorite kind of Stay-Cation. You set up a tent in your backyard (Make sure you turn off the sprinklers or put up a rain fly) or in your very own living room! Or, if you don't have a tent, lay out your sleeping bags on their own in the grass or on the floor. (Occasionally it's fun to just pile up blankets and sleep under/on top of all of them instead of using sleeping bags).  For the night(s), stay in the tent or in your sleeping bags at night! The activities you choose to do are up to you! I'm going to list some suggestions.... You can cook marshmallows in the microwave or in the oven and have S'mores. Fill up a kiddy-pool with water, and "go fishing" (this one is better suited for younger kids). You can go on a "hike" scavenger hunt around the house, backyard, or both! Hang up a really big sheet and project a movie onto it. 


In most places, there are a lot of historic buildings or parks or various tourist attractions that you may not go and see very often because you're not a tourist. However, it does make for a great Stay-Cation! Spend a day, or maybe two or three going around and visiting all the tourist attractions and learning about the history where you live! I personally love going to the more entertaining of the attractions like theme parks or ancient movie theaters.

Beach Day

Now, this one is a little trickier to pull off, and requires lots of creativity. In the past, I've done this with a small inflatable pool in a garden. It was really beautiful, and you got the beach feel because of the dirt and the heat. It's especially fun when you eat beachy foods, like tropical fruits. Throw in some beachballs, and maybe set up a temporary volleyball net, and you've got yourself a Beach Stay-Cation!

If you have a Stay-Cation of your own, let me know! I'd love to hear about the fun things you guys come up with!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I know, I know!! Keep calm!!! But.... I GOT A JOB!! A real, actual, legit JOB!!

Okay, okay... Context.

At my school, I qualified for a Work-Study job (While I work for them, part of the money will go towards paying my tuition). However, that meant that I had to apply for jobs that were Work-Study compatible that are all in a different state. Which was actually a lot easier than it sounds because of the resources that my school provides on their website. I applied for job after job (Which means that I was applying for work study jobs and summer jobs at the same time, getting rejected twice as often), but I was turned down mostly because I couldn't start until after I moved in in late August.

I got a call setting up an over the phone interview with them for the position! On the say of my interview, I sat on my Grandma's porch waiting for them to call. After they were an hour late, I gave up hope of the call, and went inside to eat some lunch. The moment I sat down and took a bit, they called me! I was upset because I had to answer the phone with a mouthful of food! Yuck! However, to my surprise, after that the interview went really well! When I asked why they'd called so late, I realized my big mistake... They're in a different time zone, so they were calling right on time for them, and an hour late for me.

They called me and said that they'd love to offer me a position!! Starting after I move in in the August!!

I'm now a "Service Worker" which means that I will help direct traffic at sporting events, work concession stands, help set up and take down things, and other tasks of that nature! How exciting!!

The thing is, this job is solely around events, so I could have another job in addition to this one that would be more consistent and every day. Plus, it would make the student loans feel a little less looming. I'd be able to support myself a bit better as well! So, we'll see if any of the other applications I sent in catch me another job...

But, for right now, I'm extremely happy about this job and the opportunities that it'll give me! Hooray!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camera and Computer Madness

Okay, so you know how I mentioned in a previous post that my camera was having a hard time? Well, I got a different camera, one that was also my mom's. However, the memory card in it that all of the photos are saved on after I take them is the wrong size for the adapter that works with my computer! My computer doesn't have a little slot for camera cards, hence the  need for an adapter. So, even though I partially don't want to, I have to get a new one in order to put any photos I take onto my computer.

I've been taking photos for a long time, and storing all of them on a thumb-drive that I keep in a safe place. More recently, that thumb-drive has become temperamental and won't work when I "plug it in" to my computer. It's selective, I guess, because it works perfectly fine on my mom's PC.

So I apologize for the lack of photos, and the use of photos from my phone. I'm not very good with technology, as I've said before, so it may take some time for me to work everything out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bye Bye Baby Fish

Today was the day. It happened. Someone contacted me off of my ad online and bought all of the baby fish that I had! All of them, except for one... Being the needy, attached person that I am, I kept one of the baby fish for myself (also because it was too fast for me to catch). I'm really happy about their new home, the lady who bought them from me already had a few Guppies, but because of the large size of her tank she was able to put in all of the ones that I had too!

(This was the best photo of them that I could take before I sold them)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

20 Superhero Powers I Would LOVE To Have

In my last post, I outlined the Superhero Powers that I thought were useless or would suck to have! For this post, I'm going to list all of the awesome Powers that I would absolutely love to have! And who wouldn't? They're awesome!

The Power To:

  1. Always find an open parking space
  2. Know what to say
  3. Never smell bad
  4. Show people how awesome they are
  5. Not be bothered by the cold or heat
  6. Selectively "shut off" my nose so I don't have to smell unpleasant things
  7. Watch several TV shows at once and be able to keep track of all the different plots and characters
  8. Know all the sames of every song right away, even if I've never heard them before
  9. Never gain unhealthy amounts of weight
  10. Always find the best deals on the best clothes
  11. Perfectly cover pimples
  12. Always get my work done on time
  13. Stop all procrastination
  14. Remember everyone's birthdays
  15. Avoid stubbing my toes on things
  16. Have my legs stay smooth after shaving for longer
  17. Make friends automatically
  18. Never run out of ideas/games 
  19. Know when to send cards to people (I absolutely LOVE writing people cards! It brings me a lot of joy in this world!) 
  20. Know what to do

What Superhero Powers would you love to have? I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

20 Superhero Powers I Would NOT Want!

Nowadays, superheros are all the rage, what with the Marvel movies coming out! However, even though there are a lot of amazing superpowers out there, there are several that I personally would never want to have either because they're useless or they'd suck to have!

The Power To:

  1. Control body odors
  2. Communicate with birds (I feel like they'd just complain and ask for food)
  3. Turn myself into a toaster
  4. Remember Everything (That would be dreadful... Some things need to be forgetten)
  5. Find Rocks
  6. Tread water for long amounts of time
  7. Hear insects communicate clearly (There are so many... It would be so loud)
  8. Turn everything I touch into stripes
  9. Always have dog treats in my pockets (Any dog would smell them and follow me around! Then I would have to stay outside and only be friends with people who didn't have allergies)
  10. Make my own face breakout in pimples
  11. Stare into the sun without hurting my eyes or seeing spots
  12. Eat pizza without getting sick (Hmmm... Maybe this would be good at parties)
  13. Make my toes grow hair
  14. Blink really really fast
  15. Answer a call without touching the phone
  16. Read Minds (This has always seemed like an awful super power to me. I feel like I'd be perpetually invading people's privacy)
  17. Smell Earwax (Eww...)
  18. Never run out of socks
  19. Make my stomach growling sound like music
  20. Shoot milk out of my hands

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Pet Peeves: Job Applications

As many of you know from my previous posts, I've been job hunting for quite sometime now, which means that I've filled out my fair share of job applications. Now, I understand that businesses are trying their best to stay organized and get to know me as a person through the information that I give them, but there are still so many things about applications that bother me. They're my Pet Peeves!

Personality Tests

For a majority of the online applications that I've had to fill out, they've included a portion where they ask a series of questions about who I am as a person, and the words that I think describe me best. However, they typically repeat the same questions or adjectives several times throughout the questionnaire, which upsets me greatly. Am I supposed to answer the same thing for all of them? If I don't will it cost me the job? If I do will it cost me the job? Why not just ask everything once?

Links that Don't Work

To my dismay, applications tend to have links in a "Click here" fashion that are supposed to take me to another page in order to upload forms or fill out more things. However, on several of my applications, the links that I'm supposed to use don't work! They simply don't work at all! When that happens, I can't finish the application because I'm "missing information" that's required! You'd think that they'd keep up with the links in order to actually hire people. Yes, I have emailed them requesting they fix it, but not a single one has responded or fixed the issue.
Tax Information

As you well know, I haven't had a job before, which means that I don't have any tax information because I've never had money to pay taxes on. However, some applications have an entire, mandatory section that requires tax information that I don't have in order to qualify for the job. This is especially upsetting when the job is listed as "Entry Level", which means that they're expecting the people who are applying not to have previously held a job. They should at least put an option for people like me to select that allows us to at least finish the application.
Hidden Requirements

This has only happened to me a handful of times, but nonetheless it's still one of my pet peeves. After filling out the application, typically the company will send an automated email confirming that the application was submitted. However, a few times, inside that email was another link (or another several links) that are equally as important to the employer as the application it's self. In one case that I experienced, they "threw away" my application, ending my chances of getting the job, because I didn't open the standard conformation email to see the extra link that lead to more questions they wanted me to answer! They could at least say in the email title that there's more action required.

"What Would You Do"

These are my least favorite things about job applications! Half the time, the choices are only one word different, and the other half of the time the two options that I'm shown aren't at all what I would do! Wouldn't the best way to find out what someone would do in certain situations be to allow them to explain themselves? I feel as though the options typically aren't accurate representations of what I would do, or they're all (essentially) exactly the same. 

What are some of your pet peeves involving job applications? Let me know!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

How To Start a Conversation

STEP ONE: Think of something to say.
I know I'm not the only one who says Hi to someone and then doesn't know what to say next, so I think it's important to think of what you're going to say beforehand. It's helpful if it's something you may have in common or may be curious about. For example. if they're wearing a tshirt of your favorite band, that's what you bring up. Or, if they're in a shop that you also like (which is why you're there) you can talk about that.

STEP TWO: Go say Hello! (Or Hi, or Yo, or whatever it is that you say in greeting)
You already know why this is important in starting a conversation. I shouldn't have to explain it.

STEP THREE: Bring up the topic you thought of for step one.
This is what you prepared for in the very beginning! What you trained for! All you have to do is bring it up. Now, you can do this a number of ways, and typically you pick the way you bring it up in the moment. It's spontaneous!

STEP FOUR: Remember to listen!!
This is of vital importance! No one will want to talk to you if you don't listen to what they say. Participating in the conversation is also a lot easier when you're actually listening. Now, I know that I've occasionally been guilty of "zoning out" and not actually hearing a word the other person says. When that happens, just ask for them to repeat themselves. However, if you ask them to repeat themselves every time they say something they probably won't want to talk to you anymore. (That goes along with what I said previously about listening)

There you have it! You can now successfully start a conversation! If all else fails, just bring up the weather. Small talk is always a good starting subject if you can't think of anything else!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th Of July Celebrations

I had an amazing time celebrating the 4th of July this past weekend. Every year, my family goes to the local parade in our city, we go to a big park with thousands of other people to watch huge, in the sky fireworks, and then on the 5th we invited over all of our friends to watch the fireworks that we had purchased and lit in the street.


We may be Americans, but we also enjoy the use of bagpipes when it comes to Parades. I don't think I've ever attended a parade here that didn't have bagpipes!

We also had people on boats who threw water balloons and sprayed us with water-guns.

This was actually really unexpected! All of a sudden, the car on the right just drove up the back of his friend in front! It was really awesome! To get off, the guy in front just drove out from under him.

I thought the costumes that these women were wearing were really cute! In addition to their outfits, they were also wearing really epic shoes! (I took the photo of the backs of their heads because I didn't want to post a photo of them online without their consent where their faces/identities could be known)

Fireworks in the Park

This was my first time ever taking a Time-Lapse photo! I was really excited to try this feature on my phone, and I thought that it would help you guys get a better feel for the fireworks show that I went to see with my family! However, because it was my first time doing it, I didn't make it very long... Hey! I didn't know that they're more fun when they're longer!

Fireworks in the Street at Home

Alright, instead of taking photos of the fireworks that we did with my family and friends, I decided to try another Time-Lapse Photo. This time I made it quite a bit longer! All of the fireworks that we set off were done responsibly, so don't worry!

In addition to it being my first time doing that type of photo, this is also my first time putting a "video" into one of my blog posts! You'll have to let me know how well it works!

My very own Mother, My Mommykins, was born on the 4th of July. She'd always loved having her birthday on holiday, because it's like the entire country is celebrating her! (Which is exactly what her parents told her when she was growing up.) She also never has to work on her birthday, and everyone remembers when it is! My dad and I were in charge of wrapping her presents, but my dad is an extremely busy person, so I was able to wrap all of the things we got her (for the most part) on my own. And, let me tell you, I did a terrible job! I don't know how people do it! Wrapping things is so hard! I had to wrap a broom, and when I was don it didn't look anything like a broom! Wrapping Presents is not one of my strong suits....

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Even MORE Fish!

My fish just couldn't stop having babies! There are now somewhere between 15-20 babies in my fish tank right now, which I don't have space for at all! I recently put out an ad selling the fish, but no one has taken me up on the offer. That was really surprising to me at first, because (to me) it seem like people normally snatch up pets really quickly after an ad goes up! At least in my previous experience it has... To make things all the more stressful, baby fish don't stay babies! They grow! The longer it takes for me to find them new homes the bigger they'll get and the less space I'll have in my tank. Goodness... The struggle is real.
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