Tuesday, July 21, 2015

20 Superhero Powers I Would LOVE To Have

In my last post, I outlined the Superhero Powers that I thought were useless or would suck to have! For this post, I'm going to list all of the awesome Powers that I would absolutely love to have! And who wouldn't? They're awesome!

The Power To:

  1. Always find an open parking space
  2. Know what to say
  3. Never smell bad
  4. Show people how awesome they are
  5. Not be bothered by the cold or heat
  6. Selectively "shut off" my nose so I don't have to smell unpleasant things
  7. Watch several TV shows at once and be able to keep track of all the different plots and characters
  8. Know all the sames of every song right away, even if I've never heard them before
  9. Never gain unhealthy amounts of weight
  10. Always find the best deals on the best clothes
  11. Perfectly cover pimples
  12. Always get my work done on time
  13. Stop all procrastination
  14. Remember everyone's birthdays
  15. Avoid stubbing my toes on things
  16. Have my legs stay smooth after shaving for longer
  17. Make friends automatically
  18. Never run out of ideas/games 
  19. Know when to send cards to people (I absolutely LOVE writing people cards! It brings me a lot of joy in this world!) 
  20. Know what to do

What Superhero Powers would you love to have? I'd love to hear them!

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