Thursday, July 16, 2015

20 Superhero Powers I Would NOT Want!

Nowadays, superheros are all the rage, what with the Marvel movies coming out! However, even though there are a lot of amazing superpowers out there, there are several that I personally would never want to have either because they're useless or they'd suck to have!

The Power To:

  1. Control body odors
  2. Communicate with birds (I feel like they'd just complain and ask for food)
  3. Turn myself into a toaster
  4. Remember Everything (That would be dreadful... Some things need to be forgetten)
  5. Find Rocks
  6. Tread water for long amounts of time
  7. Hear insects communicate clearly (There are so many... It would be so loud)
  8. Turn everything I touch into stripes
  9. Always have dog treats in my pockets (Any dog would smell them and follow me around! Then I would have to stay outside and only be friends with people who didn't have allergies)
  10. Make my own face breakout in pimples
  11. Stare into the sun without hurting my eyes or seeing spots
  12. Eat pizza without getting sick (Hmmm... Maybe this would be good at parties)
  13. Make my toes grow hair
  14. Blink really really fast
  15. Answer a call without touching the phone
  16. Read Minds (This has always seemed like an awful super power to me. I feel like I'd be perpetually invading people's privacy)
  17. Smell Earwax (Eww...)
  18. Never run out of socks
  19. Make my stomach growling sound like music
  20. Shoot milk out of my hands

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