Saturday, July 25, 2015


I know, I know!! Keep calm!!! But.... I GOT A JOB!! A real, actual, legit JOB!!

Okay, okay... Context.

At my school, I qualified for a Work-Study job (While I work for them, part of the money will go towards paying my tuition). However, that meant that I had to apply for jobs that were Work-Study compatible that are all in a different state. Which was actually a lot easier than it sounds because of the resources that my school provides on their website. I applied for job after job (Which means that I was applying for work study jobs and summer jobs at the same time, getting rejected twice as often), but I was turned down mostly because I couldn't start until after I moved in in late August.

I got a call setting up an over the phone interview with them for the position! On the say of my interview, I sat on my Grandma's porch waiting for them to call. After they were an hour late, I gave up hope of the call, and went inside to eat some lunch. The moment I sat down and took a bit, they called me! I was upset because I had to answer the phone with a mouthful of food! Yuck! However, to my surprise, after that the interview went really well! When I asked why they'd called so late, I realized my big mistake... They're in a different time zone, so they were calling right on time for them, and an hour late for me.

They called me and said that they'd love to offer me a position!! Starting after I move in in the August!!

I'm now a "Service Worker" which means that I will help direct traffic at sporting events, work concession stands, help set up and take down things, and other tasks of that nature! How exciting!!

The thing is, this job is solely around events, so I could have another job in addition to this one that would be more consistent and every day. Plus, it would make the student loans feel a little less looming. I'd be able to support myself a bit better as well! So, we'll see if any of the other applications I sent in catch me another job...

But, for right now, I'm extremely happy about this job and the opportunities that it'll give me! Hooray!!

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