Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Pet Peeves: Job Applications

As many of you know from my previous posts, I've been job hunting for quite sometime now, which means that I've filled out my fair share of job applications. Now, I understand that businesses are trying their best to stay organized and get to know me as a person through the information that I give them, but there are still so many things about applications that bother me. They're my Pet Peeves!

Personality Tests

For a majority of the online applications that I've had to fill out, they've included a portion where they ask a series of questions about who I am as a person, and the words that I think describe me best. However, they typically repeat the same questions or adjectives several times throughout the questionnaire, which upsets me greatly. Am I supposed to answer the same thing for all of them? If I don't will it cost me the job? If I do will it cost me the job? Why not just ask everything once?

Links that Don't Work

To my dismay, applications tend to have links in a "Click here" fashion that are supposed to take me to another page in order to upload forms or fill out more things. However, on several of my applications, the links that I'm supposed to use don't work! They simply don't work at all! When that happens, I can't finish the application because I'm "missing information" that's required! You'd think that they'd keep up with the links in order to actually hire people. Yes, I have emailed them requesting they fix it, but not a single one has responded or fixed the issue.
Tax Information

As you well know, I haven't had a job before, which means that I don't have any tax information because I've never had money to pay taxes on. However, some applications have an entire, mandatory section that requires tax information that I don't have in order to qualify for the job. This is especially upsetting when the job is listed as "Entry Level", which means that they're expecting the people who are applying not to have previously held a job. They should at least put an option for people like me to select that allows us to at least finish the application.
Hidden Requirements

This has only happened to me a handful of times, but nonetheless it's still one of my pet peeves. After filling out the application, typically the company will send an automated email confirming that the application was submitted. However, a few times, inside that email was another link (or another several links) that are equally as important to the employer as the application it's self. In one case that I experienced, they "threw away" my application, ending my chances of getting the job, because I didn't open the standard conformation email to see the extra link that lead to more questions they wanted me to answer! They could at least say in the email title that there's more action required.

"What Would You Do"

These are my least favorite things about job applications! Half the time, the choices are only one word different, and the other half of the time the two options that I'm shown aren't at all what I would do! Wouldn't the best way to find out what someone would do in certain situations be to allow them to explain themselves? I feel as though the options typically aren't accurate representations of what I would do, or they're all (essentially) exactly the same. 

What are some of your pet peeves involving job applications? Let me know!

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