Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Memories

One of my earliest memories of the summer was in the first house that my family lived in when I was a toddler. We had a gate in the back fence that connected our yard to our backside neighbor's yard, and they had a massive play area that was all sand. They'd let their hose run, turning all of the sand into mud in their backyard, and they invited my brother's and I over! I was wearing Osh-Kosh Overalls, which meant that I was ready to wade around in the mud! I'm sure my parents had no idea that that's what we had planned, but instead of telling us to stop when they found out, my mom just took photos! Little me was waist deep in mud! It seemed like a huge pool to me at the time, but looking back it probably wasn't really big. I was a small child.

Another summer, my brother's and I were really excited to pull out our little "swimming pool" (it was a plastic splash pool, really meant for babies and small children) because we'd had so much fun with it the year before! My mom got it out and filled it with water while we got on our swimming suits! (I also put on a little hat and pink sunglasses because I was cute). However, when we went outside, we realized that we'd grown too much over the winter to be able to fit anything other than our feet into the little pool. There wasn't even enough room for us to sit! Eventually, we just turned on the sprinklers so that we wouldn't have put our swimming suits on for nothing.

What are some of your favorite summer memories?

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