Thursday, August 13, 2015

Paper Towns

Paper Towns by John Green, along with the Movie that was released, are both absolutely amazing! My boyfriend bought me a copy of the book because I showed so much interest in it, and I read it so quickly that I hardly needed to use a bookmark at all! Although the Movie didn't follow the book exactly, because movies rarely do, it still stick pretty closely to the original story, and the feelings evoked while watching it were the same ones that I got while reading it.

John Green has perfectly captured adventure, mystery, and an elusive amount of romance within Paper Towns. You'll laugh, you'll worry, you'll wish you could skip to the end! Several times, I wanted to take a peek of the end of the book to find out how the mystery and the bits of romance work out., but I knew that I didn't want it to end sooner than it had to! It was quite the inner conflict!

The book and the movie were both so well made!

While reading the books, and after hearing several of my favorite quotes from the books in the movie, I realized that so many of the things that I'm guilty of doing with other people were explained perfectly. Thinking that others are more than they are, looking at my life as if I'll somehow obtain happiness in the future after I've reached a certain point, and trying really hard to stay within my comfort zone. 

There's no way for anyone who enters the world of Paper Towns to help but absolutely love all of the characters. Everything that they do is so relatable! You feel as though you've joined in, and are searching for answers with them, and have become a member of their group of friends.

What was your favorite part of Paper Towns?

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