Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Chance To Travel: Follow-Up

So, as it turns out, travelling to work with Elephants wasn't as easy as I had originally thought.

The program had a really low cost, which is originally what made me so excited about it (most travelling volunteer programs cost thousands of dollars). It appeared as though the entire costs were the flight tickets. However, upon further investigation, it was revealed that I'd have to pay for my own air travel in order to attend, as well as paying for the program costs (which I'm now assuming cover food and lodging).

In addition to the newly discovered, extremely high cost, it was revealed that the group would only stay for about 4 days to work with the elephants, and the rest of the time would be devoted to sight-seeing and other adventures that would actually cost an additional fee.

Even though I was accepted into the program and had originally been really excited to go, it hasn't turned out at all how I pictured, so I won't be going to Asia this summer. Hopefully, in the future, other opportunities will pop up that will allow me to work with the animals that I love so dearly in a less costly way.

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