Thursday, September 24, 2015

Don't Get Discouraged

A lot of things have been on my mind recently, one of which was the Major that I've chosen for myself for school. Now, I know what you're thinking "If you don't like your major, just change it! Pick something else", but I actually love my major very much. I've known my whole life that I wanted to go into Animal Management to be a Zookeeper in the future. My parents always knew too!

When I was growing up, I was given lots of dolls to play with, and (because my mom and my grandma sew) I had matching outfits with all of my dolls. My dolls and I both had full wardrobes. However, I didn't think that dolls were any fun. I'd change their clothes to match mine, and then I was bored and didn't know what to do with them. My whole life, I gravitated towards stuffed animals and pets. I'd have tea parties where I'd put all of my stuffed animals in a circle around me and gave them all miss-matched cups. Ever since my parents let me, I've had fish and hamsters and frogs and more hamsters and guinea pigs and hermit crabs! I've gladly taken care of our neighbor's chickens and dogs and cats! So, despite being so young, I had it all worked out.

Now that I'm older and actually beginning on my journey to becoming what I always dreamed, I've started to get discouraged. Although I know I'm good at it, I still feel as though I'm behind the others in my same area, which makes me wonder if I really did pick the right path for me. The cost of it all doesn't help. I got in to one of the top schools for this subject, which comes at a top price. It is worth the cost if I'm really not as good?

When I was in the 5th grade, we had a lady come in to our class every day for a whole week, whose entire job was to help us determine what we should be when we grow up. On the first day, she went around the room and had each of us say what we wanted to be when we grew up! I knew exactly what I wanted, so I was perfectly ready when it was my turn. But, to my utter disappointment, this lady (a professional) told me that it wasn't a real job, and that I should pick something else. Now, that sounds harsh, but I know that's what she said. It's bothered me for a very long time, so I hear it as clear as day in the back of my mind sometimes.

That all sounds very sad, but while thinking back on these things, I remembered a TED Talk that I listened to a long time ago (I went back and found it, I'll put it on the bottom of this post). In this TED Talk, Amy Cuddy talks about how it's possible to "fake it until you become it", and how you can achieve everything that you want to by doing a few simple poses.

I've been working on my confidence anyway, which wasn't helped by the discouraging feelings I've been having around school and what I'm trying to achieve, but I found this information really important. It also helped that one of her main examples is about her in college and another college student who felt like they were out of place in the school. When it comes to feeling discouraged, I've realized that I should use it as motivation to work harder and to do those Wonder Woman poses in my room and to go to class to have the best comment ever!

So, if you're feeling discouraged or out of placed, remember to "fake it until you become it" and nothing can stand in your way. As you've probably guessed, I'm definitely putting this to the test myself.

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