Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Job

As you know from reading someone of my previous posts, I had a very hard time finding a job in the summer, and eventually got one at school. My job at school is as a Service Worker, where I direct traffic and help at various other events.

So far, I've worked mainly at football games checking in the Alumni who have come in their RVs to attend the games. I work very long hours; on Fridays I work from 2:30 until 10:00 pm and on Saturdays I work from 5:45 am until about Noon depending on whether or not the person replacing me is on time. For the most part, people have been extremely kind, several have offered food, extra jackets, and blankets while I've been working (I haven't ever accepted because I'm not allowed to while working). There have also been some rather interesting people offering me alcohol while I'm working, which I of course said no to.

There have, however, been some people who were less than happy about me and my job. These types of encounters are the ones that really make the job hard. There's nothing more aggravating than being told you can't park somewhere, or that you can't take your car into where your RV is because you don't have a pass for your car. However, I wouldn't be very happy if I got in trouble for letting them in and lost that job that I worked so hard to get.

I think that the hardest part for me is the fact that I've never actually been trained. On my first day of work, I was given a radio and paired with a few people who, for the most part, knew what they were doing. At one point during my first shift, I was left on my own, which proved to be an interesting time for me. There were a lot of people asking for directions and asking where the general/free parking was, but because I wasn't trained, I had no idea how to help them, or where to tell them to go!

Later on in the job, after denying someone access to the lot because they didn't have a pass, I was informed that if they knew their check-in number that I should check them in manually and allow them to go into the lot... Oops... The rest of the time I was working that day, I did indeed enter in the check-in numbers for the people who hadn't printed out their passes and hoped that the people I had turned away would come back so that I could apologize and check them in. (They never did come back.. At least not while I was working.)

So far, I really love the people that I work with. They're all very understanding and upbeat people that are really nice when I ask them a million questions about the job. I also really enjoy being able to see so many fans of the school that I love so much, and to be able to take part in their cheers as they head to the games. I also enjoy that bagels that we get when we come in at 5:45 am on Saturdays.

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