Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Red Lipstick - Being Brave

I wore dark red lipstick today. Proper red lipstick! And I wore it! On my lips!! For the first time in my life, I went out into the world with that very noticeable color on my lips. I've always viewed lipstick as the sort of thing that people wear when they're going out on a date, or going to a play. To me, it wasn't something that was wore casually or every day. So, because of my view of lipstick, I never actually knew that much about it. I didn't know what colors looked good on me, or how to apply it, or how to make it last for long periods of time.

Before coming to college, my friends and I went shopping for makeup. One of my friends didn't know what colors of eye shadow she should use, so we spent a majority of our time looking at palettes and single pots and at eye shadow primers as well. While we were there, I asked my other friend (who loves makeup, and is a wizard at applying it) to "teach me how to lipstick", which she was happy to help me with. She helped me pick out a lovely light pink shade (Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade Elusive Insaissable) that she claimed would be good for everyday wear. Excited by this new revelation, I was eager to buy the lipstick. Jokingly, my friends picked out a dark red lipstick (Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade Standout Remarquable, which also happens to be the color I wore today). I decided to buy that one as well, because my friends said that it would like nice with my complexion. However, it was the bravest color I had ever seen. I bought it with the intention of only wearing in private when I was feeling very daring.

Today, in my second week of college, I felt the right amounts of daring and confidence to be able to put it this dark lipstick on my face and wear it out into the world. After putting it on, before leaving my dorm room, I gave myself a bit of a pep talk in the mirror.

Ddddaaannnnnggggg, I look good! This color really does look nice on me. Hmmm... *smiles* Nope, none on my teeth. OOooooo It makes my teeth look super white! Ahh Yeah! *pose* Come at me world, I look great!

Then, I actually left my room.

Was that girl staring at me? I wonder what she thought... Right, gotta smile to show off how great this lipstick makes my teeth look. But wait... What if I got lipstick on my teeth after I left my room and I smile? Would someone tell me? Okay, no smiling until I can check. 

Yeah... So that's how my day went, for the most part. I count this as me being brave. It seems rather lame to be like I'm so brave because I wore red lipstick!, but for me personally, on my scale of not brave to brave, it was brave. I'm hoping that, eventually, the range of my scale will shift at some point so that wearing red lipstick doesn't seem as daring, and something like traveling across the global will be at the Brave end of the spectrum.

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