Saturday, October 31, 2015

Haunted House Amusement Park Ride

When I was younger, my family went to the same Amusement Park every summer. I'm not much for scary rides, so I'd normally go on the little kid rides that were more gentle and didn't run as long. This specific Amusement Park has a few "haunted" rides that they run year round, one of which is an extremely old haunted mansion themed ride that was built a few decades before (I'm exaggerating, but as a child it seemed that old) and consisted of a small cart that rode around on a flat track past different scary robots.

Now, a little bit of context, I can't handle scary things very well. If someone was to jump out at me to make me jump I'd probably pee my pants and start crying. I can't watch scary movies, and I can't think about scary things late at night without getting nightmares. (This is why the podcast I talked about before, Lore, is a good fit for me because it's not particularly scary it's mainly informative... But even then, I only listen to Lore in the mornings when I have time to let it get out of my thoughts before trying to sleep). So, when two of my brother's came off the ride and told me that it wasn't at all scary because of the age of the ride, I somehow decided that it would be a good idea for me to ride it.

Even though they'd just gotten off, my brothers agreed to go on it again so that I wouldn't be alone. We got into the little cart (the worker manning the ride let us all get into one cart because we were small even though they were only meant to hold 2 people) and we listened to the rules before we went through a doorway and were approaching the first scary obstacle of the ride.

We were going down a sort of hallway towards a big picture frame of a woman in a big, elegant dress. I didn't think that that was strange, because I figured that she was wearing something that was normal at the time the ride was built (now that I'm older I realize that she was wearing a Victorian style dress, which is not at all the era when the ride was built). We were looking at the picture for several minutes, but when we passed it in our cart, a back-light turned on to reveal a scary robot woman in the same dress behind the photo.

I don't think anyone was expecting the scream that came shooting out of my tiny body!

However, a cart on a ride doesn't care whether you're scared or not, and continues to go along the track. My brothers, after hearing my scream and realizing that I would most likely find the rest of the ride completely terrifying, had me crouch down inside the cart by their feet so that I wouldn't see anything else. I bumped into their legs and feet a lot the rest of the ride, because it was really rickety and the cart didn't move very steadily, so I can only imagine what they were thinking while the ride went on.

What's one of the most scared you've ever been on Halloween or on a Halloween themed ride?

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween! Stay safe and eat tons of candy!

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