Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Laundry, Procrastinating, and Floppy Hair

At this very moment (the moment that I'm writing this, maybe not the moment that you're reading it) I'm sitting in the laundry room on the opposite side of the building from where I live doing laundry because the laundry room by where my room is is currently being hogged by a young lady who decided to use all of the washers, and in turn all of the dryers, to wash her entire wardrobe and all of her bedding. However, I actually quite like this other side because they have couches in their laundry room instead of groady metal chairs that scrape your arms and legs if you move around too much. I only have one load of laundry to do, so the whole ordeal should only take about 2 hours.

When I walked down to do my laundry, I brought my computer and my notebooks and some pens with a plan to get ahead on my math homework as well as completing an essay that's due this upcoming Sunday. However, after trying to login to the various databases that I needed, I found that the WiFi has blockages for those sites (which I'm assuming is a sort of prank that will be discovered and removed eventually) that made it impossible for me to access the things that I needed to work on. So instead I've opened up this here blog of mine to talk about stuff that's on my mind.

As of right now, I do consider what I'm doing to be procrastinating. I very easily could turn my phone into a mobile hotspot and use that to gain access to the things I need, or bring the blockages to the attention of someone who could fix them rather quickly. Instead, I quickly came to my blog to spend the next few hours writing out some posts that I've been wanting to do for a while. (Don't worry, I'm planning on going to the library after eating dinner tonight to work on my homework using that WiFi)

Last Christmas Break, I got all of my hair cut off into a cute little pixie cut, that I really loved and was really excited about. Ever since I first got it cut, I've gotten my hair cut every 4 weeks to keep my hair at the right length to be styled without looking awkward. However, now that I've come to college, I've had to set up my own hair appointments, and find my own hair salons that aren't overly pricey. Preface this by saying, my hair is naturally very thin and it show every cut that's made on it. Essentially, it's a hairstylist's worst nightmare. My first time going to the hair salon I found here, my stylist told me repeatedly how hard a time she was having getting my hair to look nice as she was cutting it. After she was able to get the hang of how my hair "works", I felt more confident going to her to get my hair cut. (No way did I want to get a bad haircut in college and have to live with it for 4 weeks!)  However, this stylist has an extremely different work schedule from my own schedule of availability, so after my last haircut the only opening she had was 2 months away. Not wanting to wait longer than 2 two months to get my haircut, I asked to be put on the waiting list for other appointments in case someone cancelled so that I could come in.

*sigh* There have not been any cancellations that have matched up with my schedule. So, a week from today I'm going to be getting my haircut.

At the moment, my hair just bothers me, because the "shape" of it isn't right because of the length. I typically curl my hair slightly to give it a bit of volume, but it's too heavy for that type of styling now! So it's basically long and floppy and very annoying!

I'm actually debating about whether or not I should just keep letting it grow, only get it cut to get it reshaped to that it's less awkward.

Growing my hair out and having it short is always a hard decision for me, because there are things I like and don't like about how I look with my hair either way... Oh well, that's a topic for another time!

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