Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Podcasts, Podcasts Everywhere!

I know that they may not be growing in popularity very recently, but I've absolutely adored Podcasts for about a year now. Originally, I was really into audio books, and I'd check them out from the library up the street from my house in large amounts. When I was in my Senior Government class in school this past school year, my teacher got me hooked on a podcast that was new for the year (I'm going to talk about it when I give the list). Then, for graduation, my parents got me an Iphone, which has a podcast app downloaded on it! Needless to say, I've been putting the app to good use...

This podcast is produced by This American Life, and is voiced by Sarah Koenig. Currently, there is only one season (12 Episodes) of this podcast that has been published so far. This podcast covers a nonfictional court case because of the Murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999. Seriously, even if you hate podcasts, you'll love this one. Serial was introduced to me by my Government teacher, and after she did I binge-listened to all 5 of the episodes that had been published at the time. Every time a new one would be published, I'd listen to it as soon as I possibly could. This is the type of podcast that you'll want to throw against the wall and stop listening, but your ears will be too glued to the action to let you stop or give up.

After I finished listening to all of the Serial episodes, I had to find a new obsession! So, after looking through all of the "suggested podcasts" I discovered Lore! It's my current obsession. It's a bi-weekly podcast created by Aaron Mahnke where the truth behind popular horror characters and events are revealed. The tag-line that goes along with the podcast is "Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction". Now, I know that makes it sound like something terrifying and undesirable, but trust me, it's awesome! To me, this podcast isn't as scary as much as it is factual and (occasionally) pretty disgusting, which is partially why I enjoy it. I'm the kind of person that gets nightmares from 1960 Horror Flicks, so if this was too scary I wouldn't be able to listen to it. The way I look at it, it's sort of like figuring out how a magician does his/her tricks. It's enlightening.

Being the average white girl that I am, I love John Green's books (I was originally interested in this podcast because I recognized his name). However, this is now one of my favorites! This podcast is essentially John and Hank Green answering the random questions that people send in, and giving us some "News from Mars". The way the answer the questions is both honest and hilarious, so during the weeks that Lore doesn't have a new episode, I'll listen to Dear Hank and John. If you're looking for a podcast to start with, I highly recommend this one because it's easy to follow, and missing an episode doesn't impact your ability to understand what's going on. Plus, it's hilarious, so who wouldn't love it?

Along the same lines of Lore, this podcast is about a woman named Lia Haddock working to uncover the mysteries around Limetown, a town whose inhabitants all disappeared even though it was under surveillance. Haddock meets some survivors and is runs into a lot of road blocks that only make you want to listen more. This podcast is slightly unnerving and had led to a lot of frustration because I really want to know all the answers. If you're like me and you like an awesome, thrilling mystery then this is the podcast for you!

This podcast doesn't have a specific topic or theme, but it's always hilarious! Jenna and Julien talk about random things ranging from Kanye West to MMA, and they occasionally have guests to talk about things like Serial Killers and Clubs. Basically, they'll talk about anything they want. It's really similar to the Dear Hank and John podcast, but they don't answer questions, and there's more celebrity gossip and swearing.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Should I check any of them out? Let me know!

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