Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trick or Treating

When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED trick or treating! It was something that I looked forward to every year, because I got to dress up in awesome clothes and I was allowed to talk to strangers who would then give me candy!

One Halloween, I went into the neighborhood with my brothers and my mom is search of the houses giving away the biggest candy bars. At one point, we hit the jackpot!! Someone had purchased several different types of king sized candy bars and had entire cases sitting out on their porch with a sign that said to take as many as we wanted (within reason)!! My little candy loving heart almost couldn't handle the excitement!

After it started to get really dark (because of me and my siblings age we were one of the groups that went around before it was dark to go trick or treating for safety reasons) we headed back home to go through our bags and to trade with each other for the candy that we liked best. Then we ate a few pieces of candy and put the rest into our backpacks to take to school with us! This may only have been a thing at my school when I was little, but the day everyone was back from Halloween, we'd have a "parade" where each student would wear their costume to school and the younger classes would go around to older classes to show off how super cool their costumes looked and to get more candy from the teachers (who usually only gave one small piece of candy to each person because of the class sizes and the number of classes). After going through to the different classes, we'd get an indoor recess to sit on the floor of the classroom and trade candy with our classmates.

After having traded candies twice, I was confident in the awesomeness of my candy selection that I'd be eating out of for the next year.

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