Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Holiday Pet Peeve: Skipping Thanksgiving

To me, it seems as though stores and the mindsets of most people shift from Halloween straight to Christmas. I've posted before about how much I dislike when Thanksgiving is skipped over, but now I'm going to explain why it bothers me so much in more detail.

One beautiful day in November, a lovely little baby came into this world screaming her lungs out and being caught by the arms of a nurse because the doctor wasn't there. On that day, the 24th, the baby that was born was me! I'm a Thanksgiving Girl! (Keep in mind that the date Thanksgiving is on changes every year, so every once in a while it does fall on the 24th for my birthday)

Ever since I was a kid, on my actual birthday my immediate family would give me the presents that they got for me, and then on Thanksgiving, my whole extended family would be together (and sometimes a few of my friends would be able to come as well) and they'd sing to me and then everyone would enjoy my huge Costco cake together. For the amount of people that would come, one Costco cake was more than enough for everyone to get a slice. So for me, Thanksgiving was a sort of "extra birthday" where I was able to spend a lot of time with my extended family.

As I got older, I'd always get extremely excited for Thanksgiving after Halloween ended, and I'd want to go to the store with my mom to pick out festive Thanksgiving napkins and paper plates, but the stores we'd go to would very rarely have anything more than half a shelf of a few Thanksgiving themed products (like the napkins and paper plates), which was really upsetting to me because it's the next big holiday after Halloween, but no one seemed to be decorating as much for it! It was just skipped over when it came to stores and the order that people think of the holidays in!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, just not in November. I wouldn't mind if stores had a Christmas section as well as a Thanksgiving section, but they should at least have a Thanksgiving section! To me, Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever so I feel a bit let down when other people/stores don't treat it with the same value that I do.

That was a tad rambly... Hopefully you enjoyed my little explanation! I hope you have a wonderful day

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