Thursday, November 26, 2015


I'm home for Thanksgiving because I'm on break from school. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving, and I could be happy about how today has gone! (I also had an amazing birthday - I'm going to post about that next)

Everyone has gone home, and the reality that tomorrow is my last day at home has set in. I've been sat in my room trying to work on some papers that I need to write so that I can print them for free here at home before I make the journey back to school, but by the looks of things I'm not sure that's possible. I was having some issues writing one of my papers and figuring out the formatting, so I decided to take some time to clear my head and blog about what's been going on today.

It's a tradition for the Thanksgiving activities to occur at my house because my dad loves to cook all the food, and we have a large living room that can seat everyone who comes. The day before Thanksgiving, my family always spends the entire day cleaning and getting as much of the food ready as we can (some of it we prepped to be cooked the next day) and setting up folding chairs around the old tables that we carry in from the garage. I cleaned the sinks and vacuumed the floors because I've been rather sick recently and my mom didn't want me touching the food or trying to carry things (I don't have any upper body strength, which is even more apparent when I'm not feeling my best, so I was perfectly happy not having to carry chairs or tables).

Today, after we'd put everything that needed to be cooked in the oven and had all the tables and chairs set up, I got out my math work to try and get more of it done before people started arriving for the meal. My family watched the Macy's Parade during that time as well, which I thoroughly enjoy because I like to watch )and sometimes criticize) the Marching Bands. I was in Marching Band for 3 years, and as any Marching Band member could tell you, it's easy to criticize other bands because you know what the techniques are and how the players are supposed to look and march.

After the meal was in full swing, we were all sitting around and eating and enjoying each other's company. There's no better way to catch up on the lives of your family members than while you're eating a ton of really good food. Everyone mainly wanted to know how I'm liking college, and how well my classes are going, which I knew would be the main topic that I covered while at the feast.

My family has this funny tradition of, after we've taken down the tables and chairs, putting on a really cheesy of dumb Christmas movie to watch together (which I don't really like, but I do like spending time with them all so I'll sit through a Christmas movie or two before I suggest a non-Christmas movie that we would all enjoy) while eating the various pies that were brought and what's left of my birthday cake. It's a very normal thing for me to have my birthday cake on the pie table at Thanksgiving, it's always been put there every year which is fine by me.

Today, however, we were sort of abnormal and we watched 4 or 5 different movies together, most of which were Christmas movies! I don't think anyone was really watching them, they were just to fill the spaces between the conversations that people were having. I didn't notice this right off the bat, because one of my younger cousins had asked me to color with her, so I was focused on finding the perfect color for seaweed and some shells to make her two dolphins in the picture stand out (the coloring book was desk sized, so it had a lot of different elements in it that took quite a long time to fill in).

After the last movie ended, it was about 8 and everyone was very exhausted and ready to go home and sleep off all of the food and fun that had been had. All in all, it was a really amazing day.

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