Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Power of Rug Naps

When I started Junior High, I realized how hard it is to get up early in the morning. Now, I'm mildly a morning person. I'm perfectly fine waking up really early as long as no one talks to me until after I've brushed my teeth. However, if I have to wake up early several days in a row like, for example, getting up for school, I feel more worn out and exhausted by the day!

Then, I discovered the most magical thing ever! Rugs! More specifically, the Me sized rug in my bathroom along the double sink! Hooray!! Every morning, I would get up and leave my bed to sleep on the not so comfy rug in my bathroom before showering and getting ready for the day. I'd set an alarm on my phone to wake me up after 15-20 minutes (depending on the day) and I would nap that long on the rug.

The rug wasn't particularly comfortable, which is why it made such a perfect place to nap! It kept me from going back into a really deep sleep, while still giving me the extra time to relax and feel more well rested. It also made it easier to get back up and finish getting ready for the day because it wasn't as hard as getting out of my actual bed.

I've also taken a few rug naps in the middle of the day on bad or hard days. The plus side of it being a bathroom is that I could lock the door and not be bothered for the 15-20 minutes that I napped!

In my book, there's nothing more helpful than a rug nap! If you're having a bad day, or you feel run down, I highly recommend it!

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