Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Things I Learned During My 1st "Dead Week"

I know that Dead Weeks (the week before final exams) vary depending on the school, and that your stress level during dead week depends on how well you've already been doing in your classes. At the school I'm attending, Dead Week is when teachers aren't allowed to give us any tests. We still go to class. For most of my friends, they don't have classes at all during their Dead Week because it's when they're meant to study for their final exams... I guess my school wants to squeeze in as much learning as possible, which I guess is more of a negative thing because we have more information to learn before we take are last exams.

Over the course of this past week, I realized that closer you get to finals and to semester break the less you want to go to class. Most of my professors post the lecture notes online, and all homework is done online for all of my classes, which makes it even easier to talk yourself out of going to class. However, I never used the extra time I gave myself by skipping class to study or to work on flashcards to study later. Oh no, that would be too responsible of me! I used the extra time to sleep, read books for fun, and watch Netflix. After talking to my friends, I found out that I definitely wasn't the only one doing that very same thing.

During Dead Week, everyone acts like a zombie. The level or stress and readiness for the break turns everyone into mindless creates that only care about making it through all of their tests. I'm one of the unlucky ones who has a night test the last days of finals week. No one should have to take a test from 7-9pm on a Friday night before semester break! It's my first semester and I got one of the worst testing times ever. Of all time.

Even though Dead Week is the second hardest week (behind actual finals week) of the whole semester, you really learn to rely on the studying skills that you developed for the previous quizzes and tests in your classes and you're able to break the barrier of asking for help, which for me was a huge step because I absolutely don't like talking to people I don't know, especially when those people control my grade.

What things have you learned during dead week? I hope you all do well on your final exams!

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