Thursday, December 29, 2016

No 2017 Resolutions?

You can probably guess from the title what this post is going to be about. I've decided not to come up with a set of resolutions for 2017. The main goal I have is to get into better shape, which is a common one that people typically fail at when it comes to resolutions. I'm planning on going with it at my own pace in a way that makes me feel comfortable.

So for 2017 I won't be posting the monthly updates about how I'm doing with my resolutions because I won't have anything to update you on! In the future I may talk about trying to get healthier, but for now I'm going to be focusing on other content. Throughout 2016, there were times when I had more things I wanted to post, but I had to give up a day for my resolution update - this way I get another day to post something a little more worthwhile!

I'm really excited about the New Year, and being able to ring it in with my family! I know I'm not the only one who's excited to see 2016 come to an end - it was a long year full of so many things.

I'll see you next year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

2 Years Old!

*Sheds a single tear* It seems like just yesterday I was looking at templates and choosing fonts to create my blog. I knew I had to take the time to make a special post today, the 2 year anniversary of me starting this blog. 

My very first post was about Christmas Traditions. When I first opened up that fresh "new post" page I had no idea what I was going to say! I didn't even put a title on it! I feel like I've improved so much since this first post, I'm really proud of all of the content that I've created!

I always like to look back at my old posts, mainly because I want to make sure I'm not writing the same thing a million times but also because I want to look at how my writing has improved/changed. 

When I was first starting out, I was really confident that everyone who read my content would want to leave comments. Now I know that's not how it works, and I'm happy with creating content without very much feedback. I write what I feel and what I want to say, which makes me happy.

I created this blog to fulfill a dream of mine, and regardless of who reads what I write I'm happy just because I'm writing.

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey! I'll see you on Tuesday!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

One Bad Semester

Earlier on during Fall Semester, I missed an entire week of classes because of my gall bladder removal. Some of my teachers were more kind and helpful after I returned to school, but others weren't at all nice about it. I had one of my professors give me THREE DAYS to make up the week's worth of work because he still expected me to take the exam on the fourth day.

My doctor's told be at the time that it would be a long time before I regained my energy, so I'd be sleeping a lot. However, I couldn't afford to sleep extra because I had so much work I was trying to catch up on. Unfortunately for me, that meant that I was also sick almost the whole time - I kept catching colds! That meant I was always extra tired.

So far I'm just spilling out a bunch of excuses... But long story short, my grades were really bad this past semester to the point where I'm almost on academic probation, which they were all to happy to tell me about last night.

Looking back, I wish that I had pushed harder for more time, and asked for more help, and let myself sleep more often. I also wish that I had been more open with my parents about how much I was struggling. They only saw me over face time once in while, and I was always brushing things off with "I'm doing okay" or "Things are going fine".

I'm not planning on something big like the removal of an organ for this next semester, so I'm very much hoping that I'll be able to work and get the good grades I know I can.

When I first got the news, I was completely devastated and I thought "Well, that's it then. I have to drop out." (which seems really drastic, but it's what I thought).

I was talking to a friend, and after a bit of convincing he told me that "It's one bad semester, that doesn't mean your whole college experience is going to be bad from now on".


I can pull it together, and I can show that I'm meant to be there and doing what I'm meant to be doing with my life.

Spring Semester is coming up quick and I'm going to be successful!
I'll see you on Tuesday

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Okay.... Christmas Music

As you may remember from last Christmas, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas music. In total honesty, it's actually really awful to me! I think it's overplayed, and really annoying! However, I have found some Christmas music that I'm willing to listen to....



Let me know what you think! I'll see you on Thursday!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Random Thoughts - A Sort Of Update

So for a long time I've been having a lot of issues with my roommate... You're probably already aware of it because of all the posts that I've made on this subject. I've been trying to find someplace else to live for Spring Semester. However, most places are unfurnished with leases lasting much longer than one semester. I still have hopes that my roommate will be the one to move out at the end of the semester, but if she doesn't then I'll most likely be staying with her as my roommate for another semester.

When it comes to my job, I've been having a nice time working in the booth and I've liked not having to scrape car windshields checking for permits in the snow. However, I'm not sure if my class schedule next semester will give me the time to be able to stay with the current hours I'm working. My boss seems keen on me changing my class schedule around so that I can continue working these hours, but several of my classes are only taught on certain days at certain times so I don't have a lot of options to work with. I'm sure that my rent for next semester will be covered much like my rent for this semester was covered, so if I end up having to work less hours I don't think that it'll have too large an effect on my living situation.

I know you've been wondering, so I wanted to kind of quickly say that my relationship has been going really well so far. We're still going really slow and just seeing how things work out, but I'm really happy about it and how it's going so far.

Now that I'm back home for the semester break I've been loving taking care of my guinea pigs and being able to play with them and have cuddle sessions while watching movies (and writing blog posts). I always joke that they're the warmest scarf I've ever owned because they only want to be up on my shoulders or around my neck. There have been a few times when I kept them out too long and they've peed down my back... I get up a lot faster when there's warm pig pee running down my shirt.

At school I've really missed having pets to take care of and spend time with. I know that, because I'm a full time student and working part time, I wouldn't be able to give a pet the amount of attention that I'd like to. At the moment, I have Sebastian and for now he's a great pet. Although I can't really cuddle with him because he's a beta fish... I've recently upgraded his tank, I may do a blog post on it in the new year.

It's really weird to me that it's already almost 2017! It feels like it was just barely turning into 2016 (which I know everyone says). I'm kind of flabbergasted that I've almost had this blog for 2 years now (On Dec 24th). I have a lot of cool things planned for 2017 already! I'm planning on doing another month where I post something every day - maybe even 2 months, if I'm feeling really confident. Now that I have a camera that's much better quality and slightly better photo editing skills I'm hoping to include a lot more photos. For all of December, I have a photo planned to go with every text post that I'm going to write.

If there are any posts you want to see let me know!

This year I thought about posting every day leading up to Christmas in December as a sort of "blogmas", but I thought of it too late to plan something for every day, and I've really felt the pressure of my classes and final exams. I'm hoping that I'll be able to plan enough ahead to do it for next year so if you stick around another year you have that to look forward to as well!

After I made that post about posting more about myself and my life rather than posting generic things like monthly favorite and products that I like, or about tv shows and books I've been enjoying writing posts a lot more. I may not think I have a very exciting life, but I'd much rather write about things going on in my life than writing the millionth post about products to be out on the web. I've been trying to figure out if I could do more "specific" posts despite being an anonymous blogger at the moment because there are some thing going on that are specific to my school, my city, and even my hometown that I want to talk more about or post photos of.

This was a really long post with a lot of stuff crammed in it! I hope it was at little bit informative... Haha
I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

End of Finals

I finished all of my Final Exams! I'M DONE!!!

That's all I got...

I'll see you on Thursday

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Contact Me

Hello! If you'd like to contact me for any reason, you can shoot me an email at

At this point, I do not have a P.O. Box.

 I have an Instagram account, and my twitter is @tosmileblog

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dead Week

This semester's Dead Week is almost to a close. I have mixed feelings about it because I've gotten so little sleep and have had so much work to do, but with Finals Week just around the corner I won't be able to really sleep anytime soon.

Like everyone else, I'm really hopeful that I'll be able to score highly on my exams. In most of my classes I have a high enough grade that the final exam doesn't seem as daunting, but in the few classes that my grade isn't the best right now I'm really feeling the pressure. It doesn't help that, even though it's dead week, my professors are still teaching new material that we'll have to know for our exams.

As you can imagine, I'm feeling really brain dead, which is fitting since it is called Dead Week. Hopefully next week I'll be able to make a more exciting post!

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

11 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks for the 16-17 school year on my own

In November I didn't have to worry about covering the payments for anything. Spring Semester is coming up though, so I'm going to be buying my own textbooks and any other supplies my classes require. At this point, I do think I'll be able to buy all of my textbooks for second semester myself.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

I really didn't drink very much water during the month of November... I'm sure this will sound like a weird excuse, but I wore lipstick most days in December so I wouldn't drink out of my water bottle for fear of messing it up and looking like a clown the rest of the day.

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

So far I have only read 5 books. I'm currently reading a 6th one. I'm really not hopeful about finishing this particular resolution...

Resolution 4: Clean my Dorm Room every Saturday

I've been doing a really good job of this even though I'm pretty much cleaning the entire apartment every Saturday on my own. I don't think this place has ever been cleaner (not to brag... you know).

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

This one I was really good at keeping up with in November!

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

This was only really held up during the week I was back at home... Haha I'm not very good at remembering to eat, especially not when I have to make whole meals for myself. However, I've gotten more "fast" foods that I can heat up or just grab on my way out the door.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 2016 Overview

I think I say this almost every month...but November was a really full month for me!

As you know, I got a new camera and I've been loving learning how to use it. So far I've mostly been practicing taking photos and working on my photo editing skills. I have a lot of things I want to photograph and show you, so I'm excited for my December photo posts! Having really good quality photos has always been something I've tried to achieve, and now i finally have. I'd love to hear what you have to say about my new photos in the comments.

Along with getting a new camera this past month, I also had my 20th birthday (Nov 24th). I got several things that I wasn't expecting but was excited to get (If you're interested I can do a post on what I got and what I thought of everything). It was also kind of an interesting day because it was also Thanksgiving! I have a post about my birthday coming soon - so watch for it!

In the month of November, I was also moved into the parking garage booths at work. I was given very little training, but I think I've been doing really well! My boss actually emailed me after I'd been working the booth for a few weeks asking if I'd ever had money handling training - which I had not... Haha Glad to know he thought of it at some point! The only downside to working in the booth right now is that, the closer it gets to Finals Week, the later students stay on campus the later I stay working at the booth. However, I'm still able to study for my own exams, which is what's the most important!

Now I know you're wondering - things are still the same with my roommate. Although she hasn't tried to check my pulse anymore, which I guess is a plus. It was really nice being able to go home for a week and not have to deal with any of her craziness! I haven't heard anything else from her about her moving at the semester, but I'm still hopeful...

Also, the city I live in had it's first snow in November! Unfortunately it was before I was more confident with my camera so I don't have any photos to show you... Chances are it will snow again, and I'll be able to capture it for you!

Well, that was my November! You humans are awesome, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First Photos - New Camera

If you'd like to know more about my camera, check out THIS post. I've been messing with my new camera, and working on getting used to how it works and all of the different settings on it. These are the first photos I've taken with it that I think are pretty dang good! I still have a lot of room for improvement, but compared to the quality of photos I was posting before I'm really happy with these! More photos coming soon.... I'll see you on Thursday.

Note: I did not edit these photos, this is how the came out straight from my camera

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Going Home

This Saturday (the 19th) I'm packing up my things and making the long drive back home. I've been really sick and really stressed out since last week, so I'm beyond ready to go home and be able to see my guinea pigs and sleep!

I've kept my job at the kennel back home, so I'll work a few shifts over the break to earn a little extra money. The only downside is that, for Thanksgiving, we're all required to work but despite requesting the morning shift I was assigned the afternoon shift... And no one would switch with me. This normally wouldn't be something that I would get worked up about, but Thanksgiving this year is also my 20th birthday! My family typically does our festivities in the afternoon, and that's also when my friends typically come over for my birthday, so I was really pushing for having the morning shift so that the rest of my day could go on uninterrupted.

My family and friends have been really nice about trying to move things around because of my schedule, so I'm hoping that even though things won't go as planned everything will still be really fun and nice!

(I'm also using this post as a way to let you guys know that I will not be posting on Thanksgiving/My Birthday because I want to be able to have as much time with my friends and family as I can.)

This year's trip home is going to be different from last year's because I'm going to be driving myself! Last year I stayed up all night the night before cleaning and packing because I took a bus so I could sleep the entire way. This year there's no way I could stay up all night and then drive myself - driving drowsy is really dangerous!

I've reached out to a few people I know to see if they wanted to do the drive with me and pitch in for gas, but so far I haven't had any takers... For the most part people are flying back home. However, I'm kind of looking forward to being able to put on some podcasts and make the drive home at my own pace. (I'm not the most confident freeway driver so I think it'll be nice that I can pull over whenever I feel like I need a minutes to rejuvenate)

What are you guys doing for the Holiday/Break from school?

I'll see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Moving Up and Into the Booth

As you know, I got my first job ever in my life working for transportation services at my school. Even though it started off really rough, I was content with where I was in the job despite not early the amount of money that I had planned. After working there for almost a year as a "service worker" I was promoted to working as a ticket writer.

While I was at work one day, going about my normal foot route through the lots and ticketing people, my boss asked me if I had any experience working in the Booths for our campus parking garages. Apparently there were only 4 people trained, and none of them were able to come in for the night shift that day. I had had some experience but no where near the amount needed to be able to do it on my own which made for a stressful night.

My boss said that I learned really quickly on my feet, and asked if I wanted to take a 5th/open booth position rather than continuing to do foot routes and ticketing. I would get 19 hours a week (not including events) which is much more than the 8 hours (not including events) that I was currently working. I jumped on the opportunity to move up the ladder at my job and to be able to gain some much needed money handling skills.

Never before in my life have I worked with money, so it took me some time to learn how to use the cash register as well as learning how to make change quickly. Overall the whole experience was really terrifying to me because I hadn't worked with money before! Much like my previous jobs, I wasn't given any training one what to do - I had to learn on the job. Luckily, it isn't very hard to run a parking garage booth, so I've been able to pick it up really quickly! I think I've been doing a good job, but if I haven't been no one has said anything to me about it...

A majority of the time people are really nice to me while I'm working in the booth. A few people (mainly teachers) have even given me tips for being quick and friendly! The booths have a flat hourly rate, and a flat rate for overnight, so unlike tickets people can't/don't try to argue their way out of paying - which means they also don't yell at me for not letting them get out of paying.

So far, I've really been enjoying being in the booth (and not just because they have their own wifi). The only downside to working so many hours is that I have very little time outside of classes and work to do homework and have any sort of social life. For several nights so far I've stayed up almost the whole time working on things for only one or two classes so that I don't fall behind on the information. I think I've been doing okay balancing everything, but I want to be doing a lot better with it.

I'm really proud of myself, and how much experience I've been able to gain from working for transportation services! I've been able to do so many things I never thought I could, and it's all been really beneficial to me. Now that I've gained so much job/life experience I'm much more confident about my ability to get a job after I've finished school.

I'll see you on Thursday.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Checking my Pulse?

This is another roommate update - if you'd like to know what's been going on so far check HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. This is an extremely rant filled post, so if you don't like rants then I'll see you on Tuesday.

Yup. You read that title.

After I got home from work on Saturday, I put away all of my work stuff and changed out of my work clothes and laid down to take a well-deserved nap. I was only asleep for a few hours when I was woken up by my roommate, who had not at all gently pushed her fingers up against my neck and was looming over me. After I sat up and gave her a really weird look, she said she was worried I'd had an aneurysm.


For a lot of the semester I've been doing the best I can to avoid her completely, so to find her in my room hovering over me with her fingers on my neck while I was asleep really threw me off. Not to mention her claim that she was just making sure I hadn't had an aneurysm!

So far this semester, she has been the complete opposite of a good roommate.

To add to all of the other things that have happened (so far) -

I called maintenance because our dishwasher was leaking only to find out that she'd been putting dish soap in it instead of using actual dishwasher soap. After finding out about this, she very reluctantly bought a bag of little dishwasher nuggets.

For the first time this semester, she "cleaned" something! She vacuumed the floor in her own room. Later that same week I vacuumed the rest of the apartment because it wasn't dirty enough for her to vacuum it or to even offer to vacuum it while she had the vacuum out.

She invited over one of her man friends, which is all well and good, but she left the door to her room open while they did the "no pants dance" very loudly. He stayed over, and they did the dance again at 3am - WAKING ME UP. If she's going to be doing that stuff she could at the very least close her bedroom door or give me some kind of heads up so that I can be out of the apartment.

After we got our last electricity bill, she refused to tell me how much it was and how much my half of the bill was. I guessed based on the previous bill and paid her in cash appropriately (She typically paid the whole bills and then had me "pay her back" my half of the bill). I called our electrical company, and after talking on the phone with a customer service woman, I was able to gain online access to our electricity bills as well as the ability to pay my half online. I looked at this most recent bill and saw that I had underpaid her because I had underestimated what the cost was. Frustrated, I paid her the rest of what I owed her, and said that it would have been easier if she'd just told me how much my half was in the first place.

I had a package that wasn't delivered because no one answered the door. The delivery person left one of those papers with my information and a list of my options to then get the package - one of which was to sign the back of the paper and leave it on the front door for next day delivery. She had signed her name on the back of the paper for my package... Obviously the delivery person didn't accept it, so I wasn't able to get the next day service because she had tried to do it for me.

This was a very lengthy post... There have been so many things going on with her and I needed to rant and get them off of my chest.

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Camera!

I'm really happy and excited to let all of you know that I now have a brand new camera! This little beauty is a Canon Rebel T3 with a 15-55mm lens. I've had it for a little while now, and I'm still figuring out how to use it and how to edit the photos so it'll probably be a few weeks before I have some photos that I'm happy with and want to post. This is such an exciting time for me because I've wanted a nicer camera for such a long time and now I have the camera that I wanted! I hope all of you are excited to see some better quality photos on this blog - and most likely more photos!

You people are awesome! I'll see you on Thursday.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

10 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks for the 16-17 school year on my own

As you know from THIS post, I no longer have to worry about paying my rent! Which means that, in order to achieve this resolution all I have to do is buy my own textbooks - and that's easily attainable for me now.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

Throughout October, I did a horrible job with this... I was so stressed and so focused on getting caught back up and taking my midterm exams that I wasn't paying attention to the amount of water I was drinking at all. However, I'm determined to do a much better job in November because it is my birthday month and I want to feel my best!

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

I don't think that I'll be able to complete this resolution... I didn't read/listen to any more books in October. I have several that I want to read, I just keep putting it off!

Resolution 4: Clean my room every Saturday

I've been keeping up with this one the best I can. My roommate doesn't lift a finger to clean so I end up cleaning our entire apartment myself. Now that I've been back at work, I spend almost every other weekend working at the football games at my school, so I've ended up cleaning on Mondays instead of on Saturdays, but cleaning still makes me feel a lot less stressed out.

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

In October, this was the one resolution I did really really well with! I didn't eat after 9pm at all the entire month, and I am so proud of myself for it!

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

I've started to struggle with this one... I get home after a day of classes or work, and I don't want to take the time to make actual food for myself. I've been getting more microwavable things, and eating a lot more snacks. I'm going to the store this Saturday, and I'm planning on getting things like Pasta that can be made really quickly so that I can be better about making actual meals.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 Overview

October was jam packed with school work for me since I was a week behind in my classes and I had all of my midterm exams. I spent a lot of late nights working on practice exams, taking quizzes, and reading textbooks. I've been trying really hard to make sure that my grades stay up despite me missing assignments and having to reschedule a few exams. So far this semester, my Economics class has been the hardest for me to do well in, so I've been going to see a tutor for help. For some reason, Economics just doesn't stick in my brain very well.

I also found out this past month that my rent is going to be covered for the rest of this semester, so I get to keep all of the money that I earn at work! I've decided to save up for a nice camera so that I can take the quality photos that I want to for this blog (and for myself). There are a few cameras that I'm interested in, I just need to do a little more research to decide which one will be the right one for me.

This October I also let you guys know that I'm attempting to "get back out there" when it comes to dating, and I'm kind of seeing how things work out on their own.

Now that it's cooled off it's really felt like Fall to me. I broke out my scarves and sweaters, and have been drinking more chai tea and hot chocolate. I'm really excited about being able to go home for Thanksgiving/My Birthday because I'll get to see some of my friends and do fun fall things with them!

I talked more about my roommate in October, and I'm still hopeful that she'll transfer at the semester... and that they'll let me stay in this apartment on my own. It would be really nice if I didn't have to deal with another awful roommate!

All in all, October was a fairly boring month... Hahaha

I'll see you on Thursday

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Halloween Plans

Unlike Halloween last year, there isn't a football game on it! So instead of spending the day working RV lots and helping people park, this year I'm going to have more time to do other things!

This year, Halloween is on a Monday, which means I still have to go to my classes... I'm secretly hoping that some of my teachers will cancel class, but I doubt that will actually happen. I also have my final appointment with my Dermatologist before I start taking accutane to treat my acne on Halloween, which I'm really excited about!

As you know, I live in an apartment on campus this school year, which I really like! This Halloween will be the first one that I have the potential to possibly get a few trick or treaters... I have a front door, and a bucket of fun sized candy ready!

There are a few families that live on campus because the parent(s) are attending classes here, so I'm hoping that they take their kids through the student apartments to go trick or treating! Now that I'm all grown up and I'm not at all a Greek Row Partier I want to be able to be sort of like a funtioning adult and give out candy for the Holiday.

I got my bag of candy really early, and I have already eaten some of the candy that I intended to give away... But I know that I won't get enough trick or treaters to give away an entire bag of candy. At least that's what I've told myself so that I don't feel bad about eating it... Hahaha.

What are your Halloween Plans? Let me know!

I'll see you on Tuesday

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Update: Rent, Cameras, and Dating

I have some very great news to update all of you on!

Recently, when I was checking my bank account, I saw that my rent for October had been refunded into my account. At first I was really worried about it, because I didn't want to be kicked out or get some kind of nasty-gram in my email for not having paid. I called and emailed the housing department a few times, and found out that my student loans after being combined with my scholarships were moved to cover my housing costs for the rest of this semester! So when I get my paychecks I don't have to use any of it to pay my rent because my rent is already covered. This was such a huge relief to me, it was one of the big highlights of my month!

Now that I'm able to save $524 that was originally going to be my rent every month, I'm planning on saving up to buy myself a really nice camera. I've said before on this blog that I've really wanted to get a proper camera so that when I post photos they'll be the kind of quality that I want. Previously I used a really old camera that I got from my mom, and after it crashed I started using my phone but the photos haven't been what I wanted. Since I can really save what I'm earning, I'll be able to get the camera of my dreams! I guess all I have left to do is decide which camera is the one of my dreams....

I've also been looking into study abroad programs and internship opportunities through my school, which (most likely after the camera) I'll look into saving up for!

Now... Onto the slightly bigger of my big news! I've decided to try and date again, there's this great guy in my life at the moment and we're giving it a shot. That's basically all the details about it that I have... But I will update you as needed.

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Roommate Update

If you want to know what's been going on with my roommate so far check HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

My roommate and I are still having a hard time... I've still been very passive aggressive, but I don't actually think she cares/notices. At this point, I'm really sick of being the only one that cleans and the only one that seems to care about the state of our apartment.

Things started to look up a little bit when I heard her say to one of her friends (she was yelling, I was in my room with the door closed and I could hear her from across the apartment) that she's considering transferring to a school with a stronger nursing program! So there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, and I might have a different roommate for next semester. Most likely, looking at how the school had done things previously, I may be able to have the apartment to myself while continuing to only pay half of the rent (which is what I'm hoping for, I really don't want to risk getting another bad roommate...).

A few of my friends and I are hoping to be able to rent a house, which is typically what Juniors and Seniors do here. Hopefully it'll work it, and I'll have a more permanent place to stay for the rest of college with roommates that I know I get along with.

I'll see you on Thursday!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Dropping a Class is Okay

When it comes to college classes, you have to know what you can handle and what's right for you. I've found, as a student, that I often associate someone dropping a class with failure, which isn't accurate.

At the beginning of this semester, I was signed up for 17 credits worth of classes (to give you an idea of how much that is, the maximum that you're allowed to take is 18 credits) as well as working and being apart of a leadership program on campus.

Everything started to pile up to the point where I wasn't getting enough sleep, and the quality of my work was going down significantly. Even though I knew it wouldn't make a big difference in my graduation plans, I was slow to drop one of my classes from this semester. I thought that everyone would view me as a failure because of it.

After talking to my adviser and finding out how often students actually drop classes, as well as the benefits I would get from only having 14 credits (the classes are each typically worth 3 credits) I went ahead and dropped the class.

For a few days I walked around feeling like I had a huge neon sign following me around brightly telling everyone that I had dropped a class - I felt like everyone knew and was looking at me differently. Like when you have a pimple and you feel like everyone is only staring at your pimple and not you.

However, I was able to get more sleep and be less stressed and I was staying on top of my homework better! Everything felt more manageable for me - like I was in control of it all.

I wish that more people were aware that it's okay to drop a class a two if you've got too much on your plate. Dropping a class doesn't mean that you're a failure, it means you're taking matters into your own hands to accomplish what you've set out to accomplish. For me, at least, I wouldn't be as successful as I have been this semester if I was still taking 17 credits.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Binge Worthy Shows

I love binge watching shows on Netflix just as much as the next guy, but I've been running out of shows that to binge watch! I've loved Death Comes to Pemberly, Touch, The Paradise, The Fosters, Chasing Life, Switched at Birth, and whole bunch of others!

There have been several tv series recommended to me by various friends and family, but I'm not sure which shows are actually worth watching... So that's where you come in! If you have an opinion about Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Orange is the New Black, or any other tv series that are on Netflix let me know! Or if you have any other suggestion of Binge Worthy shows I would love be sure to tell me!

I'll see you on Tuesday!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

9 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks for the 16-17 school year on my own

This month my parents helped me cover the part of my rent that I didn't have because I didn't have the means to. I paid as much of it as I was able, which I am still proud of.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

I've been really bad about this resolution... However, after I got my gall bladder taken out it was more important for me to stay hydrated so I did get a little bit better about drinking water towards the end of the month.

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

I'm becoming less and less confident that I'll be able to complete this resolution... I've started listening to audio books more while walking to class, but I haven't completed any because they do take so much time. Hopefully I'll start finishing some of them soon, and writing posts about them.

Resolution 4: Clean my Room every Saturday

I've been doing really well with this one to the point where I'm cleaning most of the apartment every Saturday. I did miss a Saturday when I was still recovering from getting my gall bladder out, but because my mom was here she was nice enough to clean for me so that I wouldn't feel like I was behind on housework too.

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

Surprisingly enough I've been doing really well about this since I've been back at school and making my own food! I've been a lot better about going to bed earlier as well, which is really nice.

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

Going along with the last resolution, I have been doing really well at this still. I don't think I've run out of ideas for food just yet...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Someone To Confide In

At this point in my life, I've found it really hard to find someone to confide in. Up to this point in my life, I've had my two best friends that were close enough I could throw a stone and hit their houses. Now that I'm away at school, one of them is out of the country, and the other is attending college in a different state, it's harder for us to "get together" to talk about our lives and get advice from each other like we used to.

More recently I've been craving some boy talk, mainly because I'm not sure what to do about my dating life and the guys who have started to pop up in it. I've mainly just been silently confused and trying to avoid everyone at all costs... Which isn't a good way to go about it.

Since this has been something I've been thinking about a lot, I decided to make a little list of what I've been looking for in a person to confide in with the personal stuff.

The most important thing that I look for is their ability to keep things a secret. I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing personal things with this person if I thought they were going to tell everyone else that they know what I'd said.

The second most important thing to me is whether or not they're a compassionate person. I like to think that I'm pretty compassionate, which makes me seek it out in others. Being able to feel like someone really understands and is willing to help (where needed) is amazing! 

One of the things that I really look for in someone to confide in is their availability. If they never want to hang out with me or get together, then I wouldn't have the opportunity to confide in them or for them to confide in me as well. 

For me, it's important to have someone like this so that I don't keep everything bottled up. I also need someone who will reassure me that I'm not crazy or doing the complete "wrong" thing. Plus, being able to talk through a lot of things helps give me some clarity - I'm able to look at the big picture and see what's really going on. 

This post was kind of random, but I hope someone will find it helpful in some way. 

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Locking My Keys in My Car

A few weeks ago, I ended up not having to work in the morning like I thought I would but I didn't want to go back to my apartment only to come back later for class so I hung out in my car. I called my mom and talked with her for a while, and then I grabbed my backpack and went to my classes.

About 3 hours later, when I was just getting back to my car and rummaging through my backpack for my keys to unlock the doors I realized that my keys were in my backpack. Of course my first thought was that I'd dropped them somewhere, so I retraced my steps to see if I could find them. When I didn't find them, I went back to my car and I looked through one of the windows of my car. There were my keys, just hanging out on the passenger seat.

That morning, when I had gone back to my car and talked to my mom, I put my keys on the seat under my backpack instead of in the pocket on my backpack like I normally do! So when I grabbed my backpack and went to class, my keys were left behind and locked in my car (I lock my car using the button on the door rather than using my keys).

My first call was, of course, to my roommate because I have a spare set of keys in my room. However, she didn't answer me, so I called my Dad to see if he had any ideas for what I could do. I decided that I would just have to walk back to the apartment and hope that my RA wasn't in class so I could get the spare key to get in (My apartment key is on the same ring as my car keys, so they were also locked in my car).

My roommate then texted me and said that she'd just left the apartment so she couldn't get my keys for me. I tried to get her to go back, because if she'd just left it wouldn't be a huge deal for her to turn around to grab my keys. She then said she didn't know where my spare keys were, and after I said they were hanging right next to the door of my room she stopped responding.

Frustrated, I called my dad again and he reassured me that things would be fine because he found a place that would come unlock my car for free because I'm a student.

I did get my keys back, and I did get home safely.
To my utter shock, my roommate was home when I got there.

I'll see you on Thursday.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Life Update - Gall Bladder Removal

You may have noticed, I took down my last post about My Fitness Plan. The reason behind that is because I currently am not in a state of health where exercising is a good idea...

This is going to be a long and pretty chatty post, so if you like these than stick around!

On Monday, the 19th, I went into the emergency room at 1:00am. I had called my mom because I was having extreme abdominal pain, and she called a taxi that drove me to the emergency room. When I got there, the man at the front desk was very slow in asking me questions like "what's your name" "what's your permanent residence" "do you have any emergency contacts you want us to call" "who is your insurance provider" while I was leaning on the counter in quite a bit of pain. A nurse came around the corner, saw me, and had me into a room and on a bed faster than I could keep up with.

After asking me a few questions, and wheeling me down the hall for a very heavy-handed ultrasound, they determined that it was my gall bladder. I kept my mom as up to date as I could about what was going on, but as soon as I said it was my gall bladder, she loaded up in the car and drove the 8 hours to get here - so for part of this story I was unable to talk to my mom because she was driving to get to me.

The nurse gave me some morphine, but it hardly touched the level of pain I was feeling. When she came back in and asked if I was feeling better, she was very surprised when I said no. I was given more morphine, which also did very little to help with the pain. Eventually, they tried another type of pain medication with little to no avail as well. I went from a 9 in pain to about a 7 after all of the pain medications that they gave me.

Originally, they planned on calling a surgeon to see when I would be able to get my gall bladder removed later that Monday or on Tuesday. However, after the pain went down to a 7 I was beyond tired and I started to fall asleep. Every time I would start to dose off, the machine monitoring (I think) my oxygen levels would start to beep and a nurse would come in to remind me to breath. They decided to admit me into the actual hospital to monitor my breathing as well as managing my pain levels.

Around 6:30am Monday Morning, I was finally taken to a hospital room where I was able to get some actual sleep for 3 or 4 hours. For the duration of the time I was in the hospital I was hooked to an IV, and every time I needed to use the bathroom I had to call for a nurse to help me walk there, so every time I needed to go it took some time before I could get back to sleep. I was also woken up almost every hour so that my vitals could be checked and written down. Several people from my church happen to work at the hospital, and they were very helpful in answering my questions and making sure that I was as comfortable as I could be.

When noon rolled around, my mom was here and sitting by me in my hospital room when I woke up.  I was really relieved that she was there, even though I am a legal adult. It's always nice to have an adultier adult in times of need.

Rather than tell you about all my trips to the bathroom with nurses, I'll cut to the chase and say that I finally got my gall bladder out at 5:30pm because that was the soonest the surgeon had an opening. My mom waited for me, and got the photos and everything from my surgeon while I was in recovery still waking up.

Waking up was really terrifying for me, mainly because they kept telling me that I shouldn't open my eyes and couldn't touch them (I'm not sure why). I also kept shivering and feeling the blankets on me move around even though I wasn't moving them. There were also these weird things that kept squeezing my legs, which was very weird to me. After a little while of feeling freaked out and disoriented and cold, someone asked if I was okay going back to my mom, and that's where I was next.

My mom got a towel and cleaned something off of my eyes how the nurses said, and then I could open my eyes. I found out later when the medications they'd given me were wearing off that although the gall bladder pain was gone, the surgery pain was there and almost as bad. Since they had done the surgery so late in the day, they decided to keep me another night to make sure that I was starting off the recovery process on the right foot. The nurses kept saying that I was an A+ patient because I was really kind but also vocal about what I was feeling. Around 12:30am, when I'd gotten up to use the bathroom, the nurse who had come to help me tied a band around my chest under my armpits and I took a little walk around the nurses station, where I got lots of applause.

I checked out of the hospital with my mom at noon on Tuesday, and my mom was really on top of doing my laundry and dishes and cleaning the things that I normally do so that I wouldn't feel like I was slacking even though I needed to be a bit of a lump for a few days. My mom was also really good about making sure that I was eating - my stomach was gargley and it felt like it was full of air, which was uncomfortable enough for me not to want to eat anything. One of the big things that my mom helped me with was carrying/lifting things for me. All of the incisions are on my stomach so leaning over hurt like nobody's business, and my doctor gave me a weight limit for these first few weeks after surgery.

My mom went back home thing morning, so I'm on my own again trying to get everything worked out with professors and work, as well as figuring out what homework I need to be doing.

I get tired really easily, but the pain had gone down quite a bit. I'm taking normal, over the counter pain medications to manage my pain now. Eating is still hard for me because my stomach still feels off, and I still can't lift things... But I only have to go through this once, and my life will be a lot better without my pesky gall bladder causing so many issues for me!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


As you know, I live in an apartment where my Pet options are very limited. I more recently picked out a Male Betta Fish from the local pet store, and got everything I would need to care for him. I got a small tank, a small castle-looking decoration, and a moss ball as well as some food and a small bottle of stress coat for when I change the water. 

I've named this handsome boy Sebastian, and he's my college pet. 

I love caring for animals, and being away from my guinea pigs and my main tank of tropical fish often makes me sad. I was delighted to get Sebastian, and taking care of him is one of the highlights of my day! Plus, it's nice to be able to watch him swim around while I'm working on school things. I have him on my desk, so I can see him all the time. 

Being a college student, I don't have the time or the means to care of a pet that requires a lot of maintenance, but Sebastian is a very easy pet to take care of because he has so few needs for me to fill. However, the maintenance he does need I'm more than happy to do.

Compared to my 20 gallon tank at home, this tank is very easy to maintain, but I still like to spend time making sure it's all perfect for Sebastian. If you'd like to know what I do for Sebastian and how I maintain his tank, let me know and I'll write it up!

I'll see you on Thursday. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

More About Me?

I've been tossing around the idea of doing more posts about me and my life. Talking about things like school, relationships, classes, and advice I have based on what I've experienced. However, I'm not sure how entertaining that would be... Why read about my life? But I also know that we don't really need more posts about makeup routines, favorite products, or things like that.

Right from the start of this blog I said that I was going to post about whatever I think of that I want to write about, which is still true, I've just been wanting to write more about my own life than anything else.

For the time being I'm going to try it out, and see how it goes. I'm still planning on posting every Tuesday and Thursday, but if I don't have enough things to say I might switch to posting once a week instead of twice a week...

Basically I just wanted to let you as my reader know that this is going to be a time of adjust for me and for this blog so that I can shift more into what I'm interested in writing about at the moment.

Thanks for always being so supportive!

I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Roommate Problems

If you want to read about my experience with my roommate up to this point, you can go HERE and HERE.

Alright, so things really haven't been that great with my roommate.

It started off with small things that didn't seem like big deals at all - Her showering before and after sleeping, her using some of my plates and bowls, her having guys over, and things like that. She seemed like a normal college girl and I was still certain that we would get along well! However, that certainty faded pretty quickly...

Her sleep schedule is messed up, so she's showering 5 or 6 times every day. She has her own dishes but will continue to use mine. She won't let me know when she has guys staying over, and occasionally one will just walk into my room thinking that it's hers (Okay, that one isn't that bad, but what if I was changing and a random guy just walks in??). This stuff was starting to bother me, but I figured that I just needed to adjust some and maybe talk with her if I really couldn't handle it.

Then things got worse. She started taking hour long showers 3 or 4 times a day, and using my bowls to hold fruit and bananas, she would put her own dishes in the dishwasher and run it but leave my things (even the ones she used of mine) out of the dishwasher for me to wash myself, and she was starting to let guys stay overnight.

I tried to get her to find the time to talk to me so that we could work some of this stuff out, and she started avoiding me. When she knew I was out of my room, she'd be in hers with the door closed and her TV on loudly. When I was in my room she would be out of her room. It wasn't hard for her to do that because, for the most part, she's asleep when I'm awake anyway (or she's in one of her classes).

However, I was still determined to be friends with her and work out our differences!

Her birthday was the second day of school, so I got some decorations and I made her a cake! When she woke up and saw the decorations and the cake, she seemed upset that I'd wanted to celebrate her birthday. I told her that she could eat the cake whenever, because I didn't know if she had friends coming over or not, and that I had matches to light the candles. She went back to her room, I didn't see her for a few days, and then about a week later she finally took a piece of the cake - which she ate a few bites of and then threw away. She didn't touch the cake again after that, and I made the decision to stop putting effort into trying to be friends with her.

She started to tell me (a majority of the time not in person) that when I wash my dishes I need to wash hers too, even though she doesn't do the same for me. She'd tell me when she would eat some of my food but when I'd ask her if I could have some of her food she would say no. When I light my candle she complains that I've mad the apartment smell like fruit. After cleaning, she'd tell me that I was doing it wrong even though she doesn't clean. At one point she even decided to switch which can in our kitchen was for regular trash and which one was for the recycle without telling me, but I'm the one who takes out the trash so I don't know why she would do that (I'm serious, she won't take the trash out! After they're full, she sets a cardboard box next to the can and started to put trash in that rather than taking the trash out. I once tried to avoid taking it out until she did, but it got so full and took up a lot of the kitchen and smelled so bad that I just took it out).

I don't recommend this, but I started to be very passive aggressive towards her so that even though we rarely see each other she would know I was going to do my best not to do things for her anymore.

On Saturdays I clean my half of everything - my half of the bathroom mirror, my bathroom sink, I vacuum my own floor (and every once in a while the rest of the floor because she doesn't vacuum and it bothers me). I wash all my own dishes (since she won't wash them with hers, I don't wash hers with mine), I clean out my half of the fridge and freezer, I only put away my own dishes, and I even have my own separate ice cube tray from hers in the freezer. At one point I even put her moldy fruit (she rarely eats the fruit she buys before it goes bad, but she won't let me eat any of it) into one of her own bowls so that I could wash my bowl. I left her bowl of moldy fruit on the counter, and I don't think she noticed it for a few days before throwing away the fruit.

I don't recommend being passive aggressive with someone you live with who is already doing things that really bother you because when you're showing them that you won't do things for them they'll do the exact same thing to you. Like if you lock your keys in your car, and ask them to bring you your spare set - but that's a story for another post.

All in all, things aren't going at all how I thought they would. It's going to be a tough school year in this continues.

I'll see you on Thursday

Thursday, September 8, 2016

60 Things that Make Me Smile

  1. Animals
  2. Family
  3. Puns
  4. Classic Movies
  5. Popcorn
  6. Pink Nail Polish
  7. Cute Shoes
  8. Easy Homework
  9. Sparkling Water
  10. Anything and Everything Floral
  11. Professors that Make Jokes
  12. Letters (sending them and receiving them)
  13. Rain Boots
  14. Bedknobs and Broomsticks 
  15. Blankets
  16. Fuzzy Socks
  17. Bubble Baths
  18. Rings that Spin
  19. Nickels
  20. Basically Every Disney Movie Ever
  21. Pink Dresses with Bows
  22. Washi Tape
  23. Erasable Pens
  24. Shopkins (I know... They're just so cute!)
  25. Tiny Dishes and Bowls
  26. Red Lipstick
  27. Small Sticky Notes
  28. Left-Handed Things (even though I'm not left handed)
  29. Blogs
  30. Youtube Videos
  31. New Makeup Brushes
  32. Taking the Plastic Cover off of Things
  33. Small Children
  34. Not So Small Children
  35. Pet Stores
  36. Books
  37. Songs that Everyone Knows the Words To
  38. Festivals
  39. Taking Photos
  40. People Watching
  41. Parades
  42. Dad Jokes
  43. Friends
  44. Writing (both on this blog and in my journal)
  45. Making Lists
  46. Brushing My Teeth
  47. Pretty Smelling Perfumes
  48. Stickers
  49. Colorful Paper
  50. Bulky Jewelry
  51. Motivational Quotes
  52. Animal Videos
  53. Brightly Colored Wrapping Paper
  54. Floss
  55. Foofy Scarves
  56. Talking to My Grandma
  57. Newly Sharpened Pencils
  58.  Erasers That Work
  59. Cute Family Photos
  60. Long Walks

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

8 Month Resolution Update

Resolution 1: Save up the money that I need to be able to pay for my Housing and Textbooks for the 16-17 school year on my own

I've already purchased my textbooks on my own, and paid 2 months of rent on my own! So far everything seems to be going well with this resolution, but I am worried that once my homework load picks up I'll have less time to work so I'll earn less money towards my rent... We'll see how it goes.

Resolution 2: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

I've been keeping up with this one really well! I feel really hydrated and happy!

Resolution 3: Read at least 20 books by the end of the year

I'm worried I won't be able to complete this Resolution... I've been thinking about getting into audio books to be able to listen to books rather than read them while I'm going to and from my classes.

Resolution 4: Clean my room every Saturday

I'm back at this resolution! In my apartment I have a normal sized room (WWAAYY bigger than the broom closet of a dorm room I was in last school year) so when it gets messy it takes me longer to clean it up. So far, though, I've been able to stay on top of it every Saturday.

Resolution 5: Stop Eating after 9pm

Once again I'm doing really well with this resolution! I've been getting ready for bed around 9 and actually going to sleep around 10 or 11 so I haven't been eating late anymore!

Resolution 6: Snack less, eat actual Meals more

Now that I'm cooling my own food I'm doing much better with this one than I was last year. However, I'm a tad worried that after I run out of things to make I'll be at a loss for meals and will go back to eating snacks all the time because they're easier.
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