Tuesday, January 19, 2016

School Update

So far, this semester of school isn't going how I planned. I mentioned my textbook fiasco already, but so far that's not all that's happened so far! I thought that I would take the time to talk about what's gone on! Who knows, maybe I'll want to look back on this when I take a trip down memory lane.

My first day of the semester, I started off with my Chemistry class. I've never taken chemistry before in my life, and everyone I talked to told me that it's the worst department at the school so the classes are the hardest to pass. I went into the room that everyone calls "The Pit" (scary right?) and I tried to get a seat near the front of the room. The Pit is so far underground that there's no cell service in the room, which freaked quite a few people out! However, I'd imagine that our professor loves it because it ensures that everyone has to actually pay attention when they come to class. My professor started off the semester by saying "Sorry, I have to figure out how to raise the screen before we start class. I found out last semester that I could set it on fire." ....!!!! If I wasn't nervous already, that definitely made me nervous! (Yes, he did use lots of fire, including lighting a huge pole on fire and waving it in the air a balloons full of different things).

Next up, it's my English class... Which is a Shakespeare class! This is my favorite class ever, and my break during the day. The first day, I mistook my professor for a homeless person because of his appearance, which is a good sign when you want the class to be awesome. So far, he's also my favorite professor. He's so passionate about Shakespeare, which makes me feel really excited to learn what he has to say because I know that what he says is good stuff!

Then I have math... *Scary/Dramatic Music* I'm not at all a fan of math. I'm absolutely awful at it, it doesn't make any sense to me. This semester, I worked out my schedule so that I have one of the better math teachers, and I've sought lots of help from the math center on campus where free tutors will help me with my homework. I'm hoping that, even though this class is going to be really hard for me, I'll be able to understand it just enough to be able to pass.

I'm also taking a class that's all about learning about personal and real life skills. A lot of the things that we're going to do in the class I already know how to do, like writing professional emails and what kind of personalities I work best with (I did it at a leadership conference), so I'm not at all worried about passing it! However, we have to do some speaking in front of the class, which freaks me out! However, I know that it's something that freaks out basically everyone in my class, so I'm not alone in being anxious about it. My professor uses these tiny little cymbals when he wants us to stop talking, or when he wants us to stop whatever else we could be doing. It's a quiet little ding, but it definitely does it's job well!

To be honest, I've basically just been binge watching Chasing Life on Netflix and looking at funny videos on YouTube... I haven't had enough homework to take up more than a few hours of my time, so I've had plenty of time to waste watching things. Never before has the need to watch a whole season in a day been so strong! Hopefully I'll finish watching Chasing Life before I get some actual homework because I definitely know that I'll convince myself that I can only watch an episode before working on homework. Wish me luck...

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