Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 2016 Overview

2016 is in full swing! We have a whole month down! January was a tough month for me because I had to readjust to being at school after such a long break. After getting back to school, I had the Textbook Fiasco I talked about in a previous post, and I've been trying to find a second job. The job search is still underway, and so far I haven't gotten any interviews yet, which is kind of discouraging because I thought that getting a second job would be easier than getting the first one. 

My Chemistry class, the first one I've ever taken, has been kicking my butt. So after the first few weeks of feeling like I was floundering in the class I mustered up the courage to go in to me Professor's office hours! When I got there I was sure that I'd gone to the wrong room because the door was closed and had a bunch of warning signs on it! After standing in the hallway for a while I knocked on the door and my Professor answered. He'd forgotten that it was even his office hours, which I guess means that most students don't make use of them. He got me set up with some tutoring and said that I could go in at any time to ask him to explain things to me, which I really appreciate! So things have been really looking up when it comes to that class because I'm getting people who understand the information to help me understand the information.

In January I was also more social, which actually made me happy! My friends across the hall invited me over to watch movies with them several times, and we'd always end up talking for several hours after the movie ended. I'm not much of a party goer, and I don't do very well in large groups of people that I don't know, so it was awesome to be able to sit and each popcorn with a group of girls that I know and then be able to talk to them about anything and everything that came to mind! At one point we went from talking about the movie to talking about photos to talking about food to talking about boys to talking about Facebook and so on! We changed topics so many times that we couldn't even count them all - and none of them seemed connected.

 I've noticed that, since I came back to school, I've been calling home a lot more frequently. I think that I want to talk to my mom about what's going on in my life because I know that she has the time to talk to me most days. I like being able to talk about what's going on and be able to get some good feedback. Sometimes I don't like the feedback I get... But that doesn't happen very often. I also really like being able to see my pets and say Hi to my siblings (At the moment I'm the only one living away from home). 

My biggest accomplishment in January was when I sewed the hole shut that was on my backpack! My mom is big into sewing and quilting, so she was proud at how well I did at patching it up on my own. So far it's held up really well, and it doesn't look like I've sewn it at all if you look at it from a distance! I'm really proud of it!

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