Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Roommate Roulette

Throughout this semester, I've been having quite the struggle figuring out where I'm going to live for the next school year. I've also set the goal for myself to be able to pay rent and for my food on my own for the next school year. However, the search for a place to live and to find a roommate has been like playing Russian Roulette! I still have no idea where I'm going to end up!

Starting out, I was planning on continuing to live in my current room. The school, however, has other plans for the building so living here is completely ruled out for me. After talking to my mom for a while, I wrote up a blurb about myself and what I want in a roommate and started an application for an on-campus apartment. At the time, I thought that I was for sure going to get the ultimate roommate and that we would be fast friends! Within a few hours of posting my blurb, I got a few emails from potential roommates. I was so excited! I for sure thought that it was going to be easy! 

I ended up really considering two of the girls who had emailed me, but I was very on the fence about which one I should officially say I would live with. To my utter dismay, I found out that the cut off for the apartment application for non-freshman was due the following day to meeting only one of the two potential roommates! Throwing caution to the wind after only a few hours of thinking, I decided to pick the girl that I hadn't met yet to be my roommate. After I told her, and told the girl I wasn't going to live with, I felt so much adrenaline. It's so unlike me not to meet someone before making a big decision involving them (like being roommates).

The day that the application was due, we met up for the first time and started off our relationship by finishing our applications and requesting each other as roommates. After sitting and talking to her for a while, I felt like I'd made a good choice in picking her even though it was really unlike me. We have a ton of really random things in common, and we have several common interests that'll make living with her really easy. Or at least I think it will be.

Everything seemed to be happening in a whirlwind! I was barely hanging on to what I wanted for the next school year. After I thought I'd made it out, things got a whole lot more complicated. 

I applied to be a Resident Adviser (basically someone who enforces dorm rules and helps people who are locked out) a few weeks into the semester and completely forgot about it. At the time, that appeared to be my main option, and I didn't think that I'd actually be offered an interview. To my surprise, a few days after filling out the application for the apartment, I got an email saying that I got an interview and when my interview would be. 

NOOO!! I was getting excited about living in an apartment for the first time and being able to do cool things with my great new roommate! At first, my reaction was to email them back and say that I didn't want the interview and that they should give it to someone else. However, after talking to my mom about it, I decided that I was going to at least go to the interview and see what would happen. There isn't a guarantee that I'll be given a position just because I was offered an interview.

We got the apartment that we applied for, but if I get an RA position then I'll have to give my lease up and she'll have to find a new roommate. If I don't become an RA then I'll live in the apartment as planned... My interview was this past Saturday. Now all I can do is wait and see if I get a position or not. 

It seems as if my living arrangements for the next school year are still just as up in the air as they were at the beginning of the semester. Have you ever been in a situation like this before? I like to think that I'm not the only college student who has no idea where to live.

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