Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things I Thought as a Kid

I've seen a few people do this, and since I wasn't sure what else to write I'm gonna go ahead and jump on the bandwagon!

When I was a kid I thought that the whole Toy Story thing was accurate, and that it was some secret "Toy Code" that they couldn't ever talk to me. So whenever my stuffed animals would get dirty and my mom would put them in the wash I'd freak out because I thought that they were going to drown! We had those washer and dryers that have see through doors, so whenever one of my stuffed animals was being washed I'd sit in front of the washer and dryer to watch and make sure they didn't drown. I figured that if they were drowning that meant they could break the "Toy Code" to avoid death!

At one point during my childhood, my mom convinced me (and I'm assuming my siblings as well) that Salmon was actually Pink Chicken because I (we) didn't want to eat fish. In my little kid brain I didn't see why chicken couldn't be pink, so I totally believed her! To this day, whenever we have salmon, we always call it Pink Chicken. It's always fun when I have friends over and we say we're having Pink Chicken for dinner - it leads to some pretty interesting conversations.

When I started meeting teenagers (they were about high school age) I for some reason thought that High School was all one grade. Everyone who was in High School was in the same grade. People referred to me as a 4th Grader or a 2nd Grader based on what grade I was in, so when people called them High Schoolers, I assumed that meant it was their grade! Obviously when I got older I realized that wasn't the case, but for the longest time I thought that was true.

I was kind of a weird kid in that I didn't have your average imaginary friends. I had imaginary kittens. They lived under my bed, and they were only ever kittens. Every little while I'd have a new batch of kittens living under my bed. Not only were they only ever kittens, they were magic kittens, so they could go through walls. My mom has told me many times about how I'd scream when she was driving because my kittens would go through the car doors and I didn't want them to be left behind! After I screamed a few times, my mom said that cats can find their own way back and that they'd just follow us and come back in through the car doors. Satisfied with that answer, I calmed down and my imaginary kittens did come back.

When I started going to school, it seemed like one school year lasted a really long time. To me, a school year lasted for most of my life, so I was with the same teacher and classmates for a ridiculously long time. At one point, I heard people referring to them by the years and they were always a two year time frame. The 05-06 school  year, the 11-12 school year, you get what I mean... That's when it all made sense to me! No wonder a school year lasts forever, one school year takes two actual years! It makes perfect sense.

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