Thursday, February 25, 2016


The summer before I came to college, I got my very first passport. I'm sad to say that currently my passport is collecting dust in a desk drawer... Which is most definitely not what's it's meant for! For several weeks, various programs and classes have been advertising Study Abroad and other travel programs for this upcoming summer and the following school year. Not gonna lie, they all look pretty freakin awesome!

I've always thought about studying abroad, or going on a school trip to travel around Europe in the summer, but I've never seriously thought about it with the intention of committing. Now that all of these different opportunities are presenting themselves, and I'm hyper-aware of my passport in the drawer, I feel a sort of itch to get out and travel. My friends told me that the itch I've been feeling has a name.... Wanderlust. Which, if you ask me, is a really pretty sounding word to describe something that actually feels pretty uncomfortable!

My parents are supportive of me doing some sort of traveling program if I'm able to afford it... Which, at the moment, is a major hiccup in my desires. However, I've started looking at various programs that offer scholarships for students who want to go on them and at potential classes or experiences that I want to have while traveling with those programs. 

Maybe I'll go to Thailand and study Elephants, or go to New Zealand to work with Sheep. There are seriously a million different places that I could go to work with and study animals like I hope!

When I was younger, I started what I called my "France Fund". I've taken French classes (I'm not good at speaking it, but I can usually read it) and everything about France seems really magical to me. I know that it's practically every girl's dream to go to France or to Italy, so this probably sounds a tad cliche... But hey, I'm just being honest here! So far, I've only saved up enough for a partial plane ticket to France, but now that I'm looking into more study abroad programs maybe I'll use what I have saved up already towards that? I'm not sure how many programs involving animals there are that go to France though... Hahaha Maybe going somewhere more exotic following the animals that I love will be more beneficial to me.  

Have you you been feeling Wanderlust too? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? 

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