Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Everyone Has An Exciting Story to Tell

One of the main things that I want to stress about Journaling is that everyone has an exciting story to tell. You're the only person living life like you are, so you're the only one who can record what that's like. How you do that is up to you! In this post I'm going to talk about my own journey with journaling as well as some suggestions I have for others. 

I'm an avid journal writer. I have been since about 2009 when I was given my very first journal for my birthday (My brother got it for me - I wrote about getting it in my first entry).

Now, don't get me wrong, I still miss days all the time, and sometimes I leave out different events and have to write about them later. However, it's really the effort that counts when it comes to keeping a journal.

I know that this blog has a lot about me and the things that happen in my world, but it's a lot different than the journal I keep. When I write in my journal, I'm a lot more detailed about the every day things that I do. When I write something for my blog, I write it with the intention of people reading it. When it comes to my journal, I write it as if my posterity is going to read it, so it contains more of the trials and lessons that I've learned as well as the things I'm feeling.

I always include photos! When I journal, it's easier for me to write every day when I have pictures or pieces of paper or tickets to tape in to help depict my day. It also means that my journals are all massive because of all the things that I tape in them (I've filled 7 or 8 journals by this point in my life).

I highly recommend getting some colored tape, it adds to the cuteness of your journal so when you tape in those photos and movie tickets and things it'll look more decorative. I personally have a rainbow assortment of colored tape that I bought all at once off of amazon, and so far I've been loving how it looks!

When it comes to journal writing, for me, I have a specific kind of gel pen that I prefer. It looks dark, exact, and it dries quickly. I know that everyone has their own preferences about pens, some of which are on the slightly priceyer side, but it's worth it if it'll get you to write! A few days ago I filled the striped journal and I started a new one. This particular one is black and white with a sort of floral pattern on the front. I like the size and the appearance of my journal, so it makes me happy and excited to write in it at the end of the day. 

That's another thing - when you write in your journal. I personally write at the end of every day, and that works really well for me. However, I know several people who write once a week about the highlights that happened, and people who write about an event after they've printed the photos or received things in the mail. I think that it's an entirely personal preference, you just have to find what works for you. 

Do you keep a journal? What are some ways that you make journaling fun?

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