Sunday, March 13, 2016

Working Things Out?

On Friday, I FINALLY got an email telling me the results from the Resident Adviser position that I interviewed for. The interview processes took about 3 hours and involved 2 individual interviews as well as two group activities that were documented like interviews (as in they had people writing down everything that we said and did during the activity). Everything about the whole process freaked me out and made me really uncomfortable and anxious, so I didn't have high hopes of being offered a position. Ever since the interview, I've been really stressed about not knowing where I'm going to live for the next school year because it all rested on whether or not I got an RA position. Surprisingly enough, I'm happy to tell you that I wasn't offered a position! They put me into the awkward middle ground, so if one of the RAs ends up not being able to do the job they'd put in someone else from this middle ground. I, however, declined staying in the middle ground. I didn't want to continue to worry about where I'd live next year over the course of the whole summer!

The Summer.... My summer plans just got a lot more complicated. Remember when I applied for an Internship at a Zoo in a different state? Well, they choose me as one of the candidates to interview for the internship working with hoofstock. I think the main reason that they picked me for this particular spot is because of my experience working with Giraffes already. When I got the email, I called my dad to talk to him about what I should/could do if given the internship.

When I originally applied, I had the intention of being about to stay with my relatives that live in that state. Since then, that option isn't an option any more because those relatives will have a new baby, which means that I have no where I'd be able to stay. Something to consider - my boyfriend does live in this state as well, but my parents are very conservative and would throw a fit if I stayed with him for the whole summer. I know that, at the end of the day, I am an adult and I very well could live with him, but I'll need the support of my parents if I'm going to be able to do this. Well... After I gain their support about doing it I want to be able to keep it.

When my dad talked to my mom about me doing the internship, she essentially said there was no way I could ever do it, and to turn down the interview. I spent a few days (i got the email on Thursday) thinking about how I'd be able to pull it off on my own. I looked at the cost of living close to this particular zoo so that I could put what I would have spent in gas money and towards a car towards paying rent instead. I've looked at the cost of living somewhere cheaper that's farther away from this zoo and tried to factor in the cost of a car and gas. Then I remembered that I'll have to buy groceries, so I tried to factor that into the costs as well. Long story short, even if I worked my butt off for the rest of the semester, my chances of being able to afford living there for the summer to do this internship are slim. More recently I've been looking into whether or not I could get a part time job there to help me be able to afford it all. Plus, I have to afford a way to get to this other state.

I've seen several people who are doing Study Abroad programs do various fund raisers to be able to afford the costs. However, I don't know who in the college town where I live would want to buy things from me when others have already sold them the same things. I also don't have any particular talents to be able to sell cards or jewelry or something like that online. I've stayed at school for Spring Break so that I'll be able to pick up extra hours, but even with working extra hours I don't earn enough to be able to afford 3 months in a different state.

When it comes to affording the Internship, I also have to keep in mind the fact that I'll be living (for sure) in an apartment for the next school year, where I'll also have to pay rent as well as buying my textbooks like I've planned to with my New Year's Resolutions. The current job that I have on campus will still be mine next school year, which is enough to cover the cost of rent every month. I would only need to worry about textbooks at that point.

The reason that I'm willing to put in so much effort to make this internship happen is because it's a big opportunity for me. Internship positions are really competitive, including the unpaid ones like the one I've been offered a change to get, especially from such a huge and popular zoo like the one this Internship is with. The fact that they've offered me an interview for the position is a huge deal! If I was able to actually get the spot, and do the work over the summer, I'd gain a told of needed experience in my desired field of work as well as giving me the ability to beef up my resume. Having references, and maybe a reference letter, from people at this zoo would be a major deal for me and future goals! I decided this morning while I was thinking in the shower that, if I am offered the position after I'm interviewed, I'm going to make it happen and do the internship. I'm going to stay positive and hope that everything will work out for the better.

I guess things worked out when it comes to where I'm going to live for the next school year, and who my roommate is going to be and where I'll work. But now, my Summer plans are being thrown through a loop because I don't know what I'm going to do or where I'm going to stay or how I'm going to afford everything. I got off of one stressful wagon just to jump onto the next one!

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