Friday, April 1, 2016

30 Day Challenge: A Dream

Have you guys ever tried to learn another language? Be that at school, or just for fun? When I was in about the 7th grade, I signed up for a French class! I mainly picked French because I thought it would seem more impressive to people than learning Spanish because most of the people I knew were taking Spanish. Now I realize that that may have been helpful to me because they would have been able to help me learn, but hey, hindsight is 20-20.

Partway into my first French class, my teacher advertised a school trip that was going to be held over the summer going to France with some Travel Agency. I was so excited! I thought that I would go home with the information packet and my parents would help me sign up right then! As you can imagine, a trip to France for a month out of a small town airport isn't very cheap. My parents weren't excited about the idea of me going on this huge trip, because I would most likely only be able to fund-raise half of the cost before it was time to leave. Long story short - I wasn't going to go on this trip.

I was really upset because I viewed it as a once in a lifetime opportunity, which of course it wasn't. My mom went with me to the bank, and I opened a savings account to start saving up to be able to afford to go to France. I started saving up change that I got - my mom would also give me her change - so it was adding up really slowly. Now, as a College Freshman, I still don't have enough to go but I'm a lot closer than I was when I started!

My dream is to be able to take thousands of amazing photos in France and be able to buy some actual French perfume in a French store in France (I'll have to make sure that I'd be able to take it on a plane though... I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there). I can't speak French at all, even after taking 4 classes, but I think I'd be able to read signs and ask some simple questions... Hopefully I'd be able to meet people and make some friends who would be willing to help me out!

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