Monday, April 4, 2016

30 Day Challenge: The Fears Within

I'm not a good person to ask about fears... Hahaha

I typically get nightmares really easily from watching scary movies or from people telling me terrifying things. There have been a few times when my friends and I have gotten together to share scary stories, but afterwards I always stayed up a while later watching funny videos or reading to get the scary thoughts out of my head so that I could sleep. However, there is one thing that freaks me out that I absolutely hate! People jumping out at me.

I don't care if you're surprising me with a cake or my favorite food (I, surprisingly, love surprises), I'll scream so loudly if you jump out at me while I'm walking into the Kitchen or coming in through the door! It even freaks me out when things jump out in Movies - even kids movies. Anything that scares me by jumping out at me will seriously give me nightmares!

As far as fears go, that probably seems pretty silly... Hahaha But it's true! My brothers, after figuring out that I hate it when people jump out at me, started to hide behind things to do just that. I'll walk down the hallways to the Kitchen and they'll jump out from behind the garage door. I'll try to go up the stairs and they'll jump out at me from the upper floor. Without fail, I scream and sometimes I fall over from the shock and fear.

Basically, if you want to get on my bad side right away, jump out at me! I'll scream, and most likely whack you several times before going to the bathroom to calm myself down.

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