Saturday, April 9, 2016

30 Day Challenge: In 5 years...

This post is actually really hard for me to write because I have a hard time looking that far into the future. I have a few basic things I hope will have happened or that will happen soon after 5 years has passed.

I hope that I'll be finished with college by then, and working with Animals somewhere that I love (even if it isn't the local zoo in my hometown like I really want). Maybe I'll be married by then, because I'll be about 24 04 25 years old. I don't think that I'll have any children yet because, as of right now, that seems like something that's farther away than just 5 years for me.

It would be amazing if, at some point in the next five years I was able to make the trip to France like I've always dreamed, and hopefully a trip to my Boyfriend's home state so that I can meet his family and be able to see the different sights there that he's told me about in the past. I've very much looking forward to being able to see my friends do amazing things, and I hope that I'll be able to help them with their different endeavors over the next 5 years!

This may not be very surprising, but I also hope that I'll be a lot better at yoga 5 years into the future - I'll most definitely have a lot of experience with it by then! 5 years from now I really want to be able to still be blogging, even if the amount of readers for my blog hasn't gone up.

What do you think will happen over the next 5 years? Where do you think you'll be?

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