Thursday, April 14, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Last Place I Was Lost

To be honest, I get lost really often... Hahaha I'm not very good with directions! Once, back in high school, I was trying to get the the photographer to get my school photo retaken and I got very lost lost to where I was in the wrong county and I had to call my dad to pull up my location off of my phone so he could give me directions.

I think that the most recent time I got lost was going on an unfamiliar journey through campus. A lot of my friends and family told me that the best way to get to know campus would be to just go out and walk around and find my way. However, when you go out on your own to simply walk around campus and try to figure out where things are related to where you live or to the center of campus where all of your classes are, it's really easy to get lost!

To give you an idea of how large the campus is - I live in a really small town that's basically entirely made up of the college campus. The population of this town is always changing as students come and go (the population on the sign as you enter the town is an estimate based off of the maximum capacity of the campus). It would take an hour or two to walk across the whole campus if you walked quickly and never stopped to look at anything or talk to anyone.

Being the person that I am, it freaks me out when I get lost because things aren't going according to the plans that I wrote out in my head before going out. After a while of walking around and not having any idea where I was on campus, I decided that I should start to head back to my dorm to be able to work on homework before dinner. However, getting back to my dorm proved to be a lot more difficult than I'd planned... Instead of walking in a sort of loop, I'd continued to walk farther away from my dorm in an almost straight line which meant that I had a much longer walk still in store before I'd be able to get back home again.

My campus is mainly made up of a whole bunch of hills and trees and foliage that all looks the same... It's beautiful, but it doesn't help you figure out where you're going. After a while of getting myself even more lost, I called one of my friends who lives across the hall from me to see if she could figure out where I was and give me directions. Sadly, she couldn't figure out where I was based on my descriptions, and when she tried to walk to where she thought I was to get me she couldn't find me and went back before getting herself lost.

In the end, I asked someone who was walking by if they could help me out in getting back to my dorm, and they put me on one of the main streets that goes through the center of campus! Which was extremely helpful because I knew how to get back to my dorm from the center of campus!

Are you good with directions? Where was the last place you were lost?

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