Thursday, April 28, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Me, From Someone Else's Perspective

Well I don't know how to start this very well, so here goes.

Hi, I'm the Boyfriend. I'm not entirely sure what she calls me on her blog, as I don't like to pry into it too much because it's her baby. Plus she most likely tell me everything anyway during her days. Let's see, I have to talk about her right? Well what's there to tell about one of the most perfect beings in the world? According to me, she is one of, if not the most perfect people on the planet, and that will never change. She is kind, very sweet, loving, and sometimes stubborn, but in a good way. She loves to watch Disney movies and cute stuff all the time, which until I met her I couldn't stand, but she warmed me up to them. Almost no one could get me out and about, yet when I finally met this girl, we were out and about her town almost every day I was there. And she just texted me lyrics from Frozen right when I'm typing this up. That's my girl. She'd really one of a kind. I love her, and wouldn't want anyone else but.

That's My Love from my perspective.

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