Wednesday, April 27, 2016

30 Day Challenge: My First Concert

I'm not normally one to go to concerts... They're too expensive, popular bands never come to my city because it's in the middle of nowhere so I'd have to travel to them, and it makes me uncomfortable being around that many people at once.

The first and only concert I went to was for a Country band (I don't like country music very much) that I'd only heard of because they did one of the songs for a Disney movie. One of my friends at the time was a huge fan, and she was going to the concert with her whole family! But, as it turned out, her brother had a music program (remember doing those in Elementary School??) the next day so her parents didn't let him go to the concert because he would be too tired the next day to be in the program. Being friends, she asked me to go with her so that her brother's ticket didn't go to waste!

Before going, my mom gave me a set of ear plugs in case I didn't like how loud it was, and some money to get some food for myself there in case they ate so I wouldn't be excluded. I remember my favorite part being the mini donuts that we got before the concert actually started... The whole thing was mainly really awkward for me because everyone knew the song lyrics and I didn't, so I was mainly just there for those mini donuts!

This summer I'm hoping to go to the music festival that's put on in my city because it's outdoors and there are several different stages so not everyone is crowded together. That way I'll hopefully have some better memories of concerts!

What was your first concert like?

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