Tuesday, April 12, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Plans I Made...and Broke

I think that the biggest plans I've ever made and then broke involved school and city dances. When I was younger, it was a normal thing to get a group of friends together to go to the school dances that were every few weekends, or to the dances that were put on by churches where I live that happened every second Saturday of every month. However, it was a big deal to then break up for slow songs (there were only a few played) to dance with ..... BOYS *dramatic gasp*!!! For the most part, it was more of a popularity thing than it was a romantic interest thing. If you were asked to dance by a boy, that automatically made you super cool in the eyes of your peers.

I myself am a terrible dancer and an all around awkward person, so when it came to slow dances I wasn't comfortable. My friends are all really fun, and I loved the process of getting ready for the dances and being able to hang out with them, but I hated having to stand by myself during the slow songs and feeling like they defined me when it came to how cool I was viewed at school.

There were several times when I'd get really excited and make plans with my friends to get ready for and go to the dances, but then I'd remember the slow songs and come up with a reason to get out of going. I figured that if I avoided the dances, and the slow songs, that no one would be able to place me in the social hierarchy because they wouldn't know if I would have been asked to slow dance or not.

Now that I look back on it, I wish that I was more confident in myself to where I was able to have a good time with my friends at the dances without worrying about how my peers saw me when a slow song was put on. The point of the dances were to build community bonds and friendships at school, not to prove worth and help create social classes.

If there's ever something that you try to avoid doing because of how others might place you or think about you, I think you should go for it! It's better to take the leap than to look back on it and wish that you were brave enough to do it at the time.

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