Sunday, April 17, 2016

30 Day Challenge: A Promise I Made

This one kind of makes me laugh, just because I do make promises all the time! I'm one of those weird people who still thinks that a pinky promise is a binding agreement... Hahaha I mainly pinky promise with my Boyfriend about pretty much everything just because I got him to jump on the bandwagon of loving pinky promises.

We'll normally make the other pinky promise that they won't stay up too much later then whichever one of us is going to sleep, or we'll pinky promise when one of us forgets to eat that we'll make sure to eat before a certain amount of time has passed. I think the most recent pinky promise we made was about me promising not to eat to much because it upsets my tummy for several hours, and keeps me from being able to sleep sometimes.

I'm not sure why I think that pinky promises are so important... I guess that, at some point in my growing up, I realized that when someone made a pinky promise they normally didn't mean to keep it, it was just something they'd do to appease whoever they're making the promise to for the time being. For me, I tend to make small things into bigger things compared to how other people view them, so when I realized that I decided that whenever I made a pinky promise I would actually keep it.

What's a promise you've made? You do think that pinky promises should have value? Let me know!

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