Tuesday, April 26, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Smells

I'm actually really excited about this post! When I first saw the title on the list I wasn't sure how on earth I was going to go about writing this post... But I realized that I can just talk about what different smells remind me of. This is going to be kind of cheesy and nostalgic, but I'm hoping that that's a good thing... Let me know know smells remind you of!

The smell of Pizza and BBQ sauce reminds me of home. Not because we eat a ton of pizza, or because we bbq all the time - but because whenever we have those things together it means that we have friends and family together for something. We'll be watching a new movie, a sporting event, or we'll just have people visiting for fun - our house will just be full of people, and we'll make a whole bunch of great memories there all together.

The smell of sandalwood reminds me of my Dad. I know, I know... Everyone I tell that to says that it's strange, especially since my Dad doesn't smell like sandalwood or anything similar to it! When I was a kid my dad spent a lot of time in India for work reasons, and he'd always come back with things made out of sandalwood. Chess pieces, necklaces, bracelets (he gave me a bracelet, but after a few years I lost it and haven't seen it since) and sometimes his clothes would come back smelling like sandalwood because of being in the same suitcase as the things made from sandalwood.

The smell of fruit mixed with sunscreen reminds me of the summer

The smell of bacon flavored dog treat biscuits reminds me of my dog Lulu

The smell of Orchard Grass reminds me of my guinea pig Pepe

Smells from new clothes and cookies remind me of my mom. We normally go shopping together at thrift stores and consignment shops, which give the clothes a new kind of smell that's specific to those stores. My mom always says that, when we're together, we find the best stuff in those stores! Cookies remind me of my mom because the lotions that she likes the most and wears typically smell like cookies. It's nice to get hugs from my mom just because she always smells like someone you want to be around because, let's be real, who doesn't love cookies?

The smell in movie theaters of popcorn, candy, and fountain drinks reminds me of my Grandma. We LOVE to go see movies together! We both like the same kinds of movies, and we both love spending time together, so it's the perfect combination. I've gone to the movies on my own and with friends - after smelling that movie theater smell I always think "This would be fun to see again with Grandma" or "Grandma would love this movie!"

The smell of leftovers and popcorn reminds me of my dorm room

The smell of flowers reminds me of my college campus

The smell of Zoos reminds me of happiness

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