Thursday, April 7, 2016

30 Day Challenge: The Taste of a Memory

I love to be outside, especially when camping! There's something about being among the trees in the crisp air that smells strongly of conifers and the water if we're by a lake or river. 

One of my favorite memories is when one of my classes in High School took a Day Trip to a popular spot a few hours away from the City. There were some foothills that we were able to hike and look out over the water of the Lake, and there was a rocky beach where some of my classmates hung out.

Several people in my class went Fishing in this lake while we were there, and one of them actually caught a fish! Where I live, it's a very normal thing to catch and prepare your own food so we're well versed in food safety and things like that, so they started a fire (with our teacher's supervision) on the beach with some wood they found and prepped the fish to be cooked. We found a big flat rick on which to place the fish which we set on top of the fire after we got it going. Everything was going really well! The smell of a fire and fresh fish smelled amazing mixed with the smell of conifers. However... We hadn't worked out how to remove the hot rock with the fish from the fire after it was cooked! 

Long story short, most of the fish didn't make it out of the fire, but the few pieces of the fish that did make it out were very bland because we didn't have any seasonings... The smell in the air made it worth it, and to laugh at everyone's attempts to pull the rock with the fish out of the fire!

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