Wednesday, April 13, 2016

30 Day Challenge: The Way Music Makes Me Feel

Is this another late post? Yes... Yes it is

For the most part, I normally choose the music that matches how I'm already feeling... Which may not be the greatest idea because it helps me stay sad when I'm feeling sad, or stay mad when I'm mad. A lot of the time, music is really calming to me. Sometimes listening to music that matches how I feel makes me feel like my emotions are validated to I can start to stop feeling like that - almost like talking to someone, but I didn't have to say anything.

I know I'm not the only one that does this, but I also choose music based on what I think my background music would be if I was in a movie! Hahaha That sounds so silly! For example....When I'm coming over the hill towards my dorm, I'll often listen to more fast paced and dramatic music because I think that, if that was my big entrance into a movie, I'd want it to be memorable. Yes, that does mean that I sometimes stop before the hill to flick through several songs until I find the one that's perfect for my "entrance" that day.

When it comes to the playlists on my phone, I normally name them whatever the time period is that I'm listening to those songs. I sometimes make playlists for each semester, and at the end of the year I move all of the songs that I loved that year into one playlist to listen to when I want to remember what happened that year. Most of the time I'll listen to those older playlists with my friends, because a lot of the songs will be ones that we all would listen to together - which makes them way more fun to listen to!

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