Thursday, April 14, 2016


Thrift Books is an awesome way to get all the books you want within a budget. I've ordered books for school as well as book for fun from this site and they definitely don't disappoint. Plus, you get 15% off of your first order, and any orders over $10 you get free shipping! Who doesn't love a discount, free shipping, and the books on your wishlist!? On their website it says "You can have confidence that the quality book you choose will be sent to you, unless our software tells us that a superior quality copy can be shipped to you more efficiently; then we'll give you can upgrade at no charge" and I couldn't agree more! I've only had amazing experiences ordering and receiving books from Thrift Books. I know that it's really common for websites that sell books for low prices normally have books that you're not interested in reading, but that's not the case with this site! They have every book you could think of, including newer books that people are getting obsessed with. If you love books but you don't love average book prices, this is definitely the site for you - Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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